Would You Try The Blood Type Diet?

September 26, 2014

You wouldn’t believe us if we told you that there’s a diet which is genetically proven to help you lose weight, and keep it off?

We didn’t think so, but there’s been so much hype around the Blood Type Diet, that we’ve decided to pull back the wool and see how it really works to effectively help people lose weight.

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Created by naturopath Dr Peter J. D’Adamo, he claims that the foods we eat are programmed to chemically react with our blood type – whether that is an O, A, B, or AB. He suggests that if you follow a strict diet which corresponds with your own blood type, then this will lead to easy weight loss, and boost your energy.

“There had to be a reason why there were so many paradoxes in dietary studies and disease survival,” why some people lose weight and others do not on the same diet or why some people keep their vitality as they age, and others do not, says Dr. D’Adamo. 

Sounds pretty good, right? The diet was created on the basis that your blood type requires a certain code to work it’s best, and this involves eating the correct foods, and participating in the best exercise possible.

How does it work?

While there haven’t been any conclusive studies showing the effectiveness of the Blood Type Diet, it does benefit people who suffer from high-cholesterol. For the most part, they are encouraged to follow a low-fat diet which helps the heart and entire circulatory system work better.

What can I eat?

The Blood Type Diet is broken down into four different categories, which D’Adamo suggests leads to a smoother weight loss journey.

Type O

The universal donor is encouraged to follow a high-protein diet which relies heavily on the consumption of fish, poultry, lean meat, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy.

Type A

People with an A blood type best benefit from a meat-free diet, which is instead substituted with plenty of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains which help to regulate the body. Try and remain as organic as possible, and buy fresh as often as possible.

Type B

The Type B blood type gets a little bit complicated, with D’Adamo suggesting that people with this blood type avoid corn, lentils, tomatoes, buckwheat, peanuts, and even sesame seeds. Instead, it’s best to stick to a plant-based diet, with lots of green vegetables, with some low-fat dairy and eggs.

Type AB

People with an AB blood type are advised to avoid caffeine and alcohol since this could interfere with the low acid in their stomach. Instead, it’s best to have a diet which focuses on seafood, dairy, and even green vegetables which can regulate this problem.

How can I start?

Before starting this diet, you have to find out your blood type (if you’re not aware of it already), and this can be achieved with a simple blood test. From there, you can discuss with your doctor the various risks of cutting out certain food groups, especially with blood types such as O, A, and AB which involve a lot of effort.

The diet also suggests that you should take part in exercises that also benefit your blood type. This includes yoga for A, and jogging for O.

Image via Ask A Nutritional Scientist

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