Try Looking Away From This Mezmerizing Pregnancy Video

March 25, 2016

Human creation is a wonderful thing.

We’ve all seen pregnancy pictures on our Facebook feeds before, but this stunning pregnancy time lapse video from the Fletcher family takes documenting those nine special months to a whole new level.

The video, which has gone viral online thanks to its clever and cheeky take on recording the highs and lows of growing a family, was posted by vlogger, songwriter, and musician Tom Fletcher, to capture the transformation of his wife while she was pregnant with their second child.

To make the short film, Fletcher put together a string of frame-by-frame photos to form a time lapse style video in which the vlogger is shown with his wife Giovanna and their two year-old son, Buzz.

The feelgood short film, titled Bump to Buddy, shows the family marking the passing of seasons with Halloween costumes and Santa hats as its star, Giovanna’s pregnant belly expands until she is seen holding her new baby, Buddy. And whether you’ve been pregnant, are currently expecting, or have no future plans to conceive, you’re sure to be transfixed by this clever, moving, magical film…

Video via youtube.com.

Comment: Did you document your pregnancy?


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