How To Turn Your Genius Idea Into A Reality


If you’ve ever wondered how to bring your genius idea to life, emerging Brisbane author Jen Fraser has the book for you. The debut author’s new non-fiction work: Everyone’s A Genius: Simple Tips to Boost Your Brilliance Now aims to offer innovative and exciting new ways to solve problems, helping readers to realise their full potential.

Jen, 39, is former corporate graphic designer who believes we are all born geniuses. “The real challenge is to rediscover our inherent gifts,” she says.

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“My book is easy to understand, yet filled to bursting with inspirational stories, effective techniques, tips and tricks to expand your imagination and bring better quality ideas to life.”

bright ideas, genius, debut author

Everyone’s A Genius (pictured), which contains a foreword written by New York Times best- selling author Piers Anthony, is a self-published work which has a Kindle version on
So, how does the author advise we turn our genius ideas into fame and riches? Jen first advises would-be geniuses to take notes, on the go.

“The problem most of us experience is that we limit ourselves to a small dream, because we believe a big dream is beyond our reach. We just don’t know how or where to get started,” Jen says. “I find it deeply satisfying to know my book has already sparked off several wonderful new ideas – ideas which may well change the world.

“There is no currency in circulation today that wasn’t first birthed by an idea. That’s why it’s so important to capture them when they pop into the front of your mind, unannounced. I keep a notepad and pen by the bed and have taught myself to write in the dark well enough to decipher it the next morning.

“I also keep paper and pens in my bag, in the living room and around my office. Sir Richard Branson often sings the praises of this one simple tip. Another idea is to keep a voice recording device handy everywhere you go.”

bright ideas, genius, debut author
The author will donate $1 for every copy of her book sold to – a charity devoted to providing all remote Australian indigenous communities with free public access to the internet by 2020.

Hardcover and paperback editions, plus an audiobook, will be released prior to Christmas.

Jen is also the founder and lead trainer of Ideation Training Pty Ltd, aimed at educating, entertaining and inspiring tomorrow’s visionaries. She’s aiming to be kinda like a personal trainer for your brain, if you will.

“We do this through a variety of training techniques, games, videos, discussion groups, case studies and exercises,” Jen says.
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