Turn Him On Tonight

December 10, 2010

Turn Him On Tonight

1. Sexting Isn’t Just For Footballers

Send him a dirty text now. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you. Follow up by acting out your text as soon as you see him.

2. Get Naked

When was the last time he saw you in all your naked glory? Spend a little time naked together and enjoy each other in the buff. If you’re not comfortable walking around without clothes on light a candle or dim the lights, it’s much more flattering.

3. Join Him In The Shower

There’s nothing sexier than a shower for two. Sneak up on him while he’s showering, lather up, enjoy wet kisses and slide up against his slippery skin. Very steamy.

4. Take Control

Show him who’s boss by initiating sex and climbing on top. Give him double the thrill by swivelling around and riding him with your back to him a la reverse cowgirl, giving him a very sexy view.

5. Seduce Him

Remember when you just started dating and you would find any occasion to compliment him and make him feel like the sexiest man on earth? Bring that back by seducing him all over again. Whisper sweet nothings into his ear about how hot he is, make bedroom eyes at him over dinner, be direct by telling him you want to have sex with him right now. A little perfume behind your ear – and between your breasts – doesn’t hurt either.

How do you turn your man on? Fess up here!

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