Turn Your Kids Into Masterchefs

August 16, 2012

Get your kids in the kitchen and turn those mini masterchefs into cooks for life!
World-renowned chef and Electrolux Cooking Ambassador, Tetsuya Wakuda, is passionate about developing the talents of the next generation of young chefs, encouraging children to get involved in the kitchen and extend their cooking skills.

“Cooking is an essential skill for all young children. It teaches them the importance of preparing meals using fresh ingredients and encourages them to lead a healthy lifestyle,” says Tetsuya.

“It’s important to support the enthusiasm our budding young chefs are showing towards food and cooking. Giving passionate young foodies the chance to cook more complex dishes allows them to advance their creativity and gives them a sense of achievement.”

Tetsuya shares his tips for cooking with your kids:

* If a child is learning to cook, keep it simple. As they progress, give them new recipes to ensure they continue developing their skills and expertise.

* Help children understand different ingredients, where they come from and why they are used.

* Encourage children to try different foods from an early age to develop their palates.

* Use appropriate appliances. Electrolux Induction Cooktops are great for cooking with children because there is no open flame and as the surface heats the pan rather than the surface area, it is cool to touch, reducing the risk of burnt fingers.

* No matter what their skill level, supervision is a must. Be aware of what your children are doing at all times.

For children who are eager to help but are still learning the basics of cooking, Tetsuya’s scrambled eggs with ricotta and creamed corn recipe is a simple dish, perfect for spoiling the family.

Do your kids like cooking?

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