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Twitter Is Doing The Coolest Thing Today When You Hit ‘Like’

Twitter Is Doing The Coolest Thing Today When You Hit ‘Like’

And it’s all to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first tweet!

A decade ago today, Twitter cofounder and CEO, Jack Dorsey sent out his first tweet and subsequently changed the way the world would connect forever, making today the social network’s birthday. And although some people are choosing to be pedantic, pointing out that technically Twitter’s official birthday is on July 15, since it wasn’t available to the public until that date, we’re choosing to block out all the haters, join in the fun and celebrate the good times.

Twitter is commemorating the day with some awesome additions that are seriously entertaining and have got us excited about the future of the social media platform. Not only has it pimped out its own homepage with rad blue balloons…

…it’s also got a very sweet little surprise for anyone who hits the ‘like’ button today…

Here’s a close-up. 


Twitter has launched into full birthday mode by thanking anyone who is willing to like a post with an explosion of streamers and confetti. Unfortunately, though, the merrymaking ‘like’ button will only be around today, so get click-happy and celebrate!

Looking back over the past 10 years, it’s crazy to see the enormous effect Twitter has had on our lives. Not only has it brought about some serious entertainment with countless hashtag fails (our fave still being #SusanAlbumParty), it has also been home to some awesome celebrity feuds, Kanye’s amusing and offensive rants and, most importantly, it has been a platform for change.

So, as our way of celebrating, we’ve scoured 500-billion-plus tweets to find you the most amusing ones and the most powerful campaigns. Enjoy!

1. This stealth guy.

2. This tweet about fashion.

3. This bad-ass hashtag, which challenged social norms.

4. This bit of relationship advice.

5. This piece of advice for all new parents.

6. This hashtag, which sparked a global campaign.

7. This schoolboy crush.

8. This motivating tweet.

9. This hashtag, which got men talking.

10. And, our all-time fave, this over-confident Kanye tweet.

Before we sign off, we just wanted to say, once again, thank you and congratulations to Twitter on a wonderful 10 years. Thank you for making history, for driving change, for bringing us breaking news and for letting us have a laugh. Thank you for bringing us closer together, for helping us lift each other up in times of need and, first and foremost, for allowing our voices to be heard.

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