The 14 Types Of Friends Every Girl Has In Her 20s

June 29, 2017

Friends like these are friends indeed. 

Throughout your life, you’ll have many different types of friends.

When you’re a kid, anyone can be your friend, as long as they own a treehouse you can play in, or their mom bakes killer cookies.

In highschool, a lot of people become your friends, by default of being forced to be around each other five days a week and sit through the same mind-numbing algebra classes together.

While a select few might stick around and stay through the rest of your life, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I don’t talk to the majority of the people I hung out with in my early teens and younger years.

Once you hit your twenties, you start to grow your gang of friends on more meaningful terms. Sure, there might be a few unworthy ones hanging on, but you’re starting to have less time in your life for people who don’t absolutely deserve to be there. And that’s when some of your most memorable friendships are formed. Almost as a rite of passage, it seems we all make these types of friends during our twenties…

1. The friend you’ve had forever. They might not even be a very good friend (or they might be the best one ever) but your parents were friends and you’ve known each other since you were both toddlers.

childhood friends

2. The friend who’s a great listener and will attend your sob-sessions with armfuls of chocolate and situation-appropriate snacks.

snack session

3. The friend who’s always ready to party, no matter what (and can throw back jello shots like she’s getting paid to do it).

party friend

4. The brutally honest friend, who won’t dodge the hard stuff and will tell you when you’re making stupid choices, if an outfit is a trainwreck, or you need to hear that that guy you like really just isn’t that into you – and you love her for it.

brutally honest friend

5. Your token guy friend who’s completely platonic, creates zero drama, and gives you valuable advice from a male perspective, particularly when you’re falling for a guy or need pre-first date tips.

guy friend

6. The slightly crazy but always entertaining friend who you’ve had to stop from getting involved in a bar fight more than once.

7. The friend who just needs to break up with her boyfriend already, because they seriously have an unhealthy relationship, and you’re always providing therapy to.

you deserve better

8. The perpetually broke friend, who never has any money to come anywhere and is forever saying they’ll pay you back for the drinks you bought them but always seem to forget.

broke friend

9. The friend who’s traveling the world right now and you’re not sure they’re going to ever come back (but their Instagram gives you serious FOMO).

i want to go there

10. The flaky friend who’s always impossible to contact, doesn’t write back to your texts, and is known to pull out of social events at the last second.

flaky friend

11. The friend who you’re pretty sure isn’t a real friend at all, but you just haven’t broken free from yet.

fake friends

12. The flirty friend, who always has guys after her, is constantly talking about her dating life, and always has one (or more) potential dates lined up for a weekend.

fucked too many guys

13. The loud and inappropriate one – whether it’s loudly laughing about her outrageous sex life in a crowded restaurant or tempting you to steal a traffic cone when you’re out on the weekend, this friend is always crazy, hyped up and operates at a decibel much higher than appropriate.


14. And your ultimate BFF. Sometimes you think you must have been separated at birth and she’s really your sister, because there’s no way you could imagine your life without her. #allthefeels

Images via tumblr.com, giphy.com, wifflegif.com, prettysecrets.com, hercampus.com, spoonuniversity.com, bustle.com, yahoostyleuk.com.

Comment: Have you had any of these friends in your life? 

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