U2 shock at losing new album

July 27, 2004

U2 shock at losing new album

Bono and Edge
How about the dog ate my CD? U2 band member Edge better come up with a good excuse as to how he lost a rough-cut of their yet to be released album. The CD contained songs from their upcoming album and went missing while they were on a photo shoot in for the album cover in Nice, France. The band fears that the songs may turn up on the internet where they could be downloaded illegally, months before the release. Guitarist Edge said: “A large slice of two years’ work lifted. It doesn’t seem credible but that’s what’s just happened to us… and it was my CD.” The man most unhappiest about this situation, the chairman of Universal Music Group UK, who said it was of “great concern”. “As the missing CD is our property, we’re very keen to find it as soon as possible and the French Police are being extremely helpful in this regard,” he said. Ouch wouldn?t want to be in Edge?s shoes for that conversation! The album, which has not yet been named, is due for release in November. It will be the first new studio album from U2 since All That You Can’t Leave Behind nearly four years ago.

Sweet as pie Britney
Spears Agrees to a Pre-Nup
Looks like pop princess Britney Spears might be finally coming to her senses! The songbird has finally caved in to her family’s demand that she get fiance Kevin Federline to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. The singer, 22, was horrified her protective parents Jamie and Lynne demanded that she took steps to protect her vast wealth in her impeding nutpitals to dancer Federline. Britney had tried to tell her parents that her latest engagement was based on true love (aaaah!) but it seems now Britney has come to her senses and reconsidered her position. Sources close to the couple say the paperwork is now being drawn up, ahead of the couple’s lavish November 20 wedding. A source told America’s Star magazine, “They will definitely sign a pre-nup.” Do you think this could this have anything to do with the fact that Federline, who is currently unemployed, just became a father again, following the birth of his second child with ex-love Shar Jackson last Wednesday, and he was not there at the birth? Strange co-incidence or did Britney get a quick insight into what could happen to her in the future?

Pretty hot… for a vegetarian I mean
Andre 3000, Silverstone named sexiest vegetarians
Seems stars win awards for all kinds of things these days. One of our favourites recently was the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) annual online poll for “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian?! Andre 3000 of the Grammy-winning hip-hop duo OutKast has been voted this years winner of the “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” in the online poll. The 30-year-old rapper shares the honor with 27-year old Alicia Silverstone. According to reports the poll took over 12,000 votes and Andre 3000 beat out other contenders not normally known for their eating habits, including John Cleese, Prince and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Previous winners include Tobey Maguire, Lauren Bush and Shania Twain. Now that?s one award show we would like to see!

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