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Ugly Celebrity Feet And How To Avoid Them

Ugly Celebrity Feet And How To Avoid Them

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Celebrities have cameras snapping everywhere they go, so it’s understandable when they are having a bad hair day, they get snapped. But what about bad foot days? Some celebs have been listed as having ugly feet, when the fact is; their feet aren’t all that bad. Some have ultra common conditions that are readily treatable, while others have more serious conditions. This article takes a closer look at celebrity foot problems and how they can be eradicated.

Starting with Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker; their feet can be as gorgeous as the rest of them. These photos were probably taken after they had been on their feet for a prolonged amount of time. To reduce this look, especially if you can’t sit down; head to the bathroom to do a simple exercise. Take off your shoes and repeatedly stand on your toes and return the entire foot to the ground, about 20-30 times. It won’t take long. This exercise with assist circulation, which will reduce the veins protruding out of the foot.

Liz Hurley is another beauty with treatable feet. They have been photographed while they are exceptionally dry and cracked. This is usually most prominent around the heels and webbing of the toes. Plenty of people have this condition and it can be easily repaired.

Cracked feet can indicate other things outside the absence of moisture. There appears to be many causes, including; lack of attention to general foot care, fungal or skin conditions, prolonged standing, being overweight, ageing, poor fitting shoes, excessive exposure to water, climate or deficiency of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

As the cause varies significantly, so do treatment options. Home remedies include; applying oil to the feet after washing and placing them in a pair of thick socks. If you can do this for several nights before you go to bed and leave them on overnight, any moisture problems should be corrected. You can also try remedies which use ripe bananas, avocado, coconut oil, lemon juice, glycerin, rosewater or melted paraffin wax mixed with mustard oil.

Aids from the pharmacy or supermarket can also be effective. These include; moisturiser and repair creams or using an ex-foliating scrub brush, to rid the area of dead skin and make way for rejuvenation. Improving vitamin and mineral intake by ingesting more calcium, iron and vitamin E, will be beneficial, not only for the improvement of your feet, but overall health.

These celebs have more serious foot issues. Victoria Beckham is a fashion diva and detests wearing flat shoes, so, she suffered significantly in heels. Oprah on the other hand, has worn flats to accommodate her condition. These ladies have bunions which are hereditary, plus made worse by incorrect footwear. There are several ways to treat bunions and the final resort is a bunionectomy, which was Victoria’s finally option.

Oprah has yet to have surgery and would possibly have tried other treatments, such as; walking barefoot whenever possible, avoiding high heels or tight shoes, wearing bunion pads, splints or shoe inserts, trying foot exercises or soaking the feet in warm water. The aim is to reduce the swelling and pain. Sometimes the treatments can reduce the size of the bunion and actually heal it without surgery.

Lastly, it is important to remember that some problems are structural, while others are indicative of further health issues. If you feel that you may have a problem with your feet, it is important to seek medical advice from a GP, who can refer you to podiatrists or other health care professionals.

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