UK Parliament Debates Banning Trump For “Hate Speech”

January 18, 2016

“His words are not comical, his words are not funny. His words are poisonous.”

Five hundred and seventy-five thousand Brits have signed a petition demanding US presidential candidate Donald Trump be banned from the UK after he called for a temporary restriction for Muslims to enter the US. Trump’s rather extreme proposal was his reaction to a shooting in California in which 14 people had been killed by two radicalized Muslims.

His comments sparked outrage in the UK and were denounced “hate speech” resulting in a petition which quickly reached the significant 100,000 mark, making it an issue to be discussed in parliament under British law. The debate took place last night with British MPs voicing their opinions on the matter.

While there was a consensus on the fact that Trump’s views are not supported by the UK government, most MPs argued a ban would not be appropriate and would go against free speech.

Many MPs further addressed the importance of not giving Trump any more publicity than he is already gaining with parliament member Kwazi Kwarteng saying a ban would give the outspoken candidate “headlines around the world” and therefore, a better chance of winning.

Trump has threatened to cancel over £700 million of planned investments in golf courses in Scotland if he gets banned from the UK.

While the debate concluded without a vote, leaving petitioners not achieving what they asked for, the event also highlighted the power of the people’s voice and a country’s clear opposition to Trump’s political views.

Lawmaker Tulip Siddiq summed up the petitioners’ thoughts, saying, “His words are not comical, his words are not funny. His words are poisonous.”

Comment: Do you agree that Trump should be banned from the UK?


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