The Ultimate Sacrifice: What Lengths Would You Go To For Your Partner?

February 25, 2015
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According to recent reports, Jamie Dornan has quit Fifty Shades of Grey for his wife. Yep, the lusty Christian Grey won’t be returning to the popular franchise because his spouse of two years is rumoured to be uncomfortable with the raunchy sex scenes and isn’t exactly thrilled with the amount of female attention it’s generating.

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With the film smashing box office records, not to mention shooting Dornan to super-stardom, you have to admire the actor’s commitment to his relationship should this prove to be true. But just how far is too far to go for your other half?

In 2007, Katie Holmes found herself in a similar conflict when she reportedly turned down an offer to reprise her role as Rachel in The Dark Knight at the request of then husband, Tom Cruise. The film went on make $155 million in its opening weekend, while Holmes and Cruise went on to divorce. And despite the stars efforts, she hasn’t secured herself a blockbuster since. All in the name of love though, right?

What about the ultimate declaration of forever and ever with a tattoo of your lover’s name? Now that’s commitment. Recently rocker Benji Madden jumped aboard this train by getting his wife, Camerona Diaz’s first name tattooed across his chest. The 35-year-old took to social media to reveal the tat and captioned: “Thinking bout you #LuckyMan.” Tattoo removalists would be making a killing out this stuff! So this brings me to ask you, what is the ultimate sacrifice and at whose expense?

Is giving up a career opportunity to keep your partner happy reasonable? Or what about giving up certain friends, or maybe even family members? Regardless of how perfect our girlfriend or boyfriend may be, we’ve all got conflicting interests at the end of the day. A relationship shouldn’t necessarily be about making over the top sacrifices, but rather compromising and trying to meet half way. Did you hear that, Jamie? Because Fifty Shades of Grey just isn’t going to be the same without you, sigh.

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