The Ultimate Travel Guide To An Insta-Vacay

April 16, 2015
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Planning your next holiday? We map out 10 of the year’s hottest travel destinations for an Instagram-worthy vacation. Make like a blogger, grab your Canon and Isabel Marant heels and jet off to one of these truly photogenic locations.

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Cappadocia, Turkey

Travel, Instagram, Holiday, Blogger

Search #Cappadocia in Instagram hashtags and your feed will be awash with dreamy sunrise shots of hot air balloons drifting above the craggy rock landscape of Turkey. This once-obscure location is located in the Central Anatolia Region in Turkey, a short flight from Istanbul.

Recently shot to social media stardom thanks to Australian travel blogger Tuula Vintage, Cappadocia is fast gaining fame for its honeycomb hills and whimsical, fairytale vibe. Book a hot air balloon at day break and grab your Nikon  it’ll to be the ride of a lifetime.


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Famed for it’s milky-turquoise water and iconic sprawling stilt huts, the Maldives is a dreamy luxury holiday destination like no other. Thanks to super bloggers like Jasmine Howell of Friend in Fashion and Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl, the Maldives is a hit destination for travellers who want postcard picturesque scenery and brag-worthy surrounds. Just don’t expect to travel on a budget – the Maldives is home to some of the best (read: most expensive) luxury resorts in the world and it’s worth the splurge.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Travel, Instagram, Holiday, Blogger

A day trip to the town of Chefchaouen in Northern Morocco will have you seeing blue for days. The small town consists of hundreds of hotels and houses bathed in the same shade of vivid cerulean wash, a tradition credited to its Jewish heritage.

Located a short trip from Tangier on the coast of Africa, Chefchaouen is a perfect stop-over on your way to Fez or Marrakesh. Perhaps don’t wear blue that day.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Travel, Instagram, Holiday, Blogger

It sounds like the description of a far-off location in an Indiana Jones film: a cluster of hidden underground lakes surrounded by lush jungle and dripping green vines. No, it’s not fiction. It’s a cenote, an eerily beautiful natural sinkhole found commonly in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Cenotes, pronounced ‘se-note-tees,’ are natural pits that occur when limestone bedrock collapses to reveal underground water. Once used by the Mayan people for sacrificial offerings, you can now access many of these sublime pools easily and take a dip.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Travel, Instagram, Holiday, Blogger

Cinque Terre is a #nofilter dream. Imagine row upon row of pastel pink and gelato tangerine buildings, perched over azure water. This iconic destination on the Italian Riviera should be top of anyone’s European bucket list.

To capture an iconic travel shot, pack your hiking gear. This rugged coastline is best seen from the winding, steep trails that dot the cliffs.

Burning Man Festival, Nevada Desert

Travel, Instagram, Holiday, Blogger

Move over Coachella, the must-see event rising to the top of every traveller’s list is Burning Man Festival. Held once a year in Nevada’s desolate Black Rock Desert, this festival isn’t for those who value their creature comforts.

Built with the values of inclusion and gifting, those who go to Burning Man Festival must bring a gift or service that is used as a currency in place of money.

When it comes to fashion, Burning Man Festival is your chance to go all-out. Latex, sequins, capes and leotards are the norm at the desert event, perfect for dramatic Priscilla Queen of the Desert-like snaps.

Pamukkale, Turkey

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Pamukkale, meaning ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish, certainly lives up to its mysterious name. Located in Southwestern Turkey, this unique city is best known for it’s white hot springs which form in terrace-like pools. The travertines are made from carbon minerals left by the flowing water and was believed to have ancient healing properties.

This site in unlike no other, so pack your best white bikini and relax in the warm turquoise water. Bliss.

The Pink Lake, Western Australia

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Western Australia’s Pink Lake became a dramatic backdrop for a collaboration between blogger Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper Girl and cosmetic giant Lancome. Ever since those stunning images of Warne bathing in the rose-hued water surfaced on social media it’s been short-listed as a dramatic location to visit.

Located in Port Gregory in the State’s mid-west, the vibrant colour of the water is created by bacteria that has become trapped in salt granules not so glamourous. While not worth a long-term stay, the Pink Lake is a good stopover when exploring the state. The odd natural phenomenon is truly breathtaking.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Travel, Instagram, Holiday, Blogger

Nature-lovers should add Plitvice Lakes National Park to the top of their travel to-do list. This stunning destination is located in Central Croatia, a day trip from popular port town Split. Best known for its impossibly clear, aquamarine still lakes and cascading waterfalls, exploring Plitvice is like stepping into an alternate world.

Often confused with Krka National Park, Plitvice is slightly harder to reach, but is well worth the effort. While travellers can swim in the water at Krka, Plitvice forbids any disruption to the serine lakes, which means the ecosystem remains virtually untouched. Wander the winding wooden boardwalks to see an abundance of fish, frogs, lizards and even the odd blue dragonfly.

Images via Sussan Mourad, Tuula Vintage, Gary Peppy Girl, Caravansary, Friend in Fashion, Leahliyah.

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