Uma happy she won worst dressed

May 18, 2004

Uma happy she won worst dressed

Uma’s ugliest dress
According to Uma Thurman, the Kill Bill star says she deliberately set out to capture the worst-dressed award at this year’s Oscars ceremony because she didn’t want to look like all the other actresses. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she chose her billowing Christian Lacroix dress because she knew she’d be criticised for it. She said: “The dress didn’t do that thing that people are in the mood for, which is what most people had. Showing her individual, eccentric style that she is renowned for she said “Everyone looked the same. Everyone had it down to such a perfect tee in their spaghetti-strapped, sequined or chiffon, body-hugging, gym-hour promoting things. You get bored. ?That’s when you have to say, ‘I will be worst dressed. I’m glad it was me they panned. I think I deserve it, and I can take it. I need a good panning every so often or I wouldn’t really recognise my life.” Well said Uma!

Far from fat Keira
Keira says LA makes her feel fat
In another sign of actress? not conforming to pressure to look good is UK actress Keira Knightley who says spending too much time in Hollywood makes her feel like she’s fat. The 19-year-old slender star of Pirates of the Caribbean actress has been spending time in Los Angeles for her work. Teen Hollywood quoted her as saying: “I love LA, but I couldn’t live there. If you’re walking around LA, you’re seeing all these perfect people and you start to think: “I’ve got to be like that”. “You have to be really strong to live there – to resist the fad diet and not get the biggest breast implants.” She added: “There are a lot of pressures to conform to type – to be thin, blonde and busty. I’m skinny, but even I couldn’t fit into some of the clothes there. There are some ridiculously skinny people in LA.” Another actress with her feet firmly planted on the ground!

Kiefer Sutherland
24 star files for divorce
Actor Kiefer Sutherland, star of hit drama series 24, has filed for divorce from his wife of nearly eight years. Thirty-seven-year-old Sutherland and his wife, Elizabeth Kelly Winn Sutherland, have been separated since 1999. According to papers filed at Los Angeles Superior Court last week the couple who have no children sited the old Hollywood excuse of “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. She is Sutherland’s second wife, after he divorced from first wife, actress Camelia Kath, in 1990. He was also engaged to Julia Roberts. No news as to who his latest lady love interest is, although he has been sighted around town in LA on the booze with several leading ladies ? watch this space!

Just friends??
Two-timing Nicole?
Is Nicole Richie proving to be just as bad as best friend Paris Hilton? The Simple Life star and daughter of Lionel Richie has recently been seen with not one, but two different bachelors. Her first beau is Adam Goldstein who she has reportedly been dating for months. Goldstein is well known on the LA dance circuit as DJ A.M. However, Nicole has also been seen with Matthew Felker, better known for kissing Britney Spears in her video Toxic. Nicole and Adam were seen getting rather steamy in an LA club. “It looked like she was going to have sex right there!” said a guest at the club. “People were really shocked and still talking about it the next day.” But a few days later, Nicole and Matthew were seen together. And to top it all off, they magnified their guilt by dodging paparazzi as they tried to leave the club. A source close to Matthew told Star that they’re not dating and that Matthew is more “like a big brother to Nicole.” Yeah?

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