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Unhappy In Bed? You’re Not Alone

Unhappy In Bed? You’re Not Alone

Wish your sex life was sexier? You’re not the only one. A new study looking at sexual satisfaction has found that over half of Australians are unhappy in bed.

The Asia-Pacific Sexual Behaviours and Satisfaction Survey questioned 3,500 men and women aged 18-45 and revealed that more than 50 per cent of couples are dissatisfied with their sex lives.

Not surprisingly, it’s the frequency of sex which leaves many of us unhappy. 68% of Aussies expressed their desire for more sex. But it’s also the quality of our sex lives that matter, not just quantity, with two in three respondents believing that mutual sexual satisfaction plays a very significant or extremely important role in a successful relationship.

More than 80% of those surveyed reported that premature ejaculation had played a negative impact on their relationship, while a surprising 15% reporting that it even led to a relationship breakdown or divorce. Premature ejaculation affects 32% of men in Australia and New Zealand is.

The majority of male respondents believe that being able to control when to ejaculate is an important factor in mutual sexual satisfaction.

As for women, emotional attributes such as feeling loved and cared for and being in a secure or harmonious relationship drive higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

Fess up – are you happy with your sex life?



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