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The Upside To Long-Distance Relationships

The Upside To Long-Distance Relationships

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The long-distance relationship often gets a bad rap. Okay, so it’s hard work but the pay-off is so worth it. And really, in the age of online, when do we ever actually enjoy ‘quality’ time unless it’s forced upon us? Well, as those in a long-distance can tell you, it’s the ‘together time’ everyone else takes for granted that so genuinely treasured.

And here are some other reasons why long distance rocks:

The weekend spent together is like a mini holiday. Watching TV, going for a walk, even sitting at a cafe brings a whole new sense of joy when you get to share it with a loved one you don’t get to see all the time.

You actually enjoy sharing a bed. Unlike every other couple that shares a bed every night, it’s special you finally get to. The warmth, the cuddles, ahhh… And then you get back to having your own space before the snoring gets to you. 

More reason splurge on nice dates without regret. You don’t get to see each other that often, so when you do, it’s important to make it special.

You can surprise each other. Because you can show up at his place before he gets home one weekend. Or whatever else your heart desires without having to hide outside behind the bins to make secret phone calls.

It builds your communication skills. Because that’s what it’s all about – good communication. Talking on the phone every day is big task. Building a repertoire of interesting stories about your day or planning things ahead and sharing them is a must.

You’re usually available when friends want to hang out. Instead of becoming the person who can never do anything until they check with their partner, you’re the friend who can grab a random drink on a Tuesday evening – just because.

It’s the ultimate relationship gauge. Because if you can make it through this, you can make it through anything.

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