Urban Decay Is Re-Releasing Its 90s Lipstick Range And It’s EVERYTHING


Stay calm, everyone.

Some makeup brands achieve cult status. Others, like Urban Decay, announce a new product release and people lose their minds like Channing Tatum just rocked up on their doorstep brandishing an armful of puppies.

And now, the makeup brand to end all makeup brands (seriously, how did we even live before we discovered UD existed?!) is releasing what is set to be quite possibly its most epic line yet.

Urban Decay is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this month by re-releasing – wait for it – a selection of shades from its original 90s lipstick collection. Yep, think those goth-inspired deep brown and metallic purple lippies you plastered on while attaching glitter butterfly clips to your hair and lip-syncing to your Destiny’s Child CD back in highschool; they’re back, and just as insanely cool as you remember them.

“Say my name, say my naaame…”

The lipsticks are part of a vintage capsule collection (wait, that means the 90s is vintage now? Eeek! How old are we?!) to mark two decades of makeup awesomeness and will include nine gloriously nostalgic shades, including navy blue, copper, mocha, eggplant, and black.

Hello, lovers...
Hello, lovers…

And why not? With 90s fashion making a serious comeback, it’s only fitting our makeup follow suit, and seriously, when is metallic purple lippie not fun?

The collection is due to pop up in stores soon, so keep your eyes peeled, and your credit card at the ready.

Comment: What’s your all-time fave Urban Decay makeup product?