6 Incredibly Unique Ways You Can Use Cinnamon

Claudia Wood

We can’t deny it – cinnamon is delicious. It’s a versatile spice that can be used in sweet or savoury dishes and you’d be surprised what a dash of cinnamon can do for your cooking, and your health!

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Cinnamon has some great health benefits such as a yeast fighter, a digestive aid and menstrual pain relief (bet you didn’t know that one). It’s also a cholesterol reducer and a circulation booster. Cinnamon is a very multi-talented spice. But there are other uses for cinnamon, other than being ingested for your body.

Moth repellent

Moths can be pesky little creatures and they can infest cupboards and homes. You can fill satchets with cinnamon sticks and cloves and hang them in your wardrobe or place them in your drawers to ward off moths that will eat holes into your clothes. Your cupboards will also smell lovely!

Insect bite treatment/wound healer

Making a natural mixtue of honey and cinnamon and applying it to the bite and irritated skin can take away pain and itching. The mixture disinfects the affected area and helps to heal the bite.

Air freshener

Whether it’s in potpourri form or as a burning incense, cinnamon is a great and easy way to freshen up your house and have it smelling delicious. You can use ground cinnamon or cinnamon oil to make homemade fresheners.

Acne treatment

Many acne treatments are pricey and not all of them work the way they should. You can spend money trying to find the right one, or you could mix some cinnamon powder and fresh lemon juice to help to reduce acne and blackheads instead.

Body scrubs

Paired with coffee or sugar, you can make a simple scrub that will reduce cellulite and exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and smooth. Who wouldn’t want to smell like cinnamon sugar? Yum!

Hair treatment/shampoo

If you like a little DIY, you can make your own hair treatment or shampoo from things you can find in your pantry and fridge. Cinnamon increases the blood circulation on your scalp, which assists in making your scalp healthy and thus makes your hair grow. Not too keen on whipping up your own shampoo? Add it to your existing shampoo and conditioner.

Image via Creative Fragrances