“Valentine’s Day” movie review

February 15, 2010

Is there such a thing as a romantic comedy that is too soppy and sweet? Editor Melissa thinks this might take the cake.

“I went to see “Valentine’s Day” at the movies on … surprise, surprise … Valentine’s Day. I had high hopes for this romantic comedy because “Love Actually” is one of my all-time favourite films and I heard the two were supposed to be very similar. Besides, how bad could it be when you have the director of “Pretty Woman” behind the helm?

I think I got my answer when a cinema full of awkward and hormonal 13-year-old boys and girls rocked up to buy their tickets. Some had flowers in their hands while others were glued to their mobile phones (an occurrence which didn’t stop just because the film started!) but all of them definitely screamed when Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner came on screen (even if it was for a total of 48 seconds).

This film has one of the best casts ever assembled. Every big name is there from Julia Roberts to Jennifer Garner to Shirley Maclaine but not even the experience of these rom-com veterans could help this film. Sure, it’s cute but the laughs are as absent as the truly meaningful moments. It’s all a bit too on the surface to really get you in and the characters are nowhere near as interesting, flawed or funny as those in “Love Actually”.

Ashton doesn’t do a bad job of holding all the stories together but Jessica Alba is so sickly sweet as the puppy dog girlfriend you almost want to drag her down the street by her dyed blonde locks. Jennifer Garner is as cute as ever and you get to see Eric Dane is all his buff glory. Even Jessica Biel is somewhat funny as the neurotic workaholic (be sure to clock her biceps!). But it wasn’t what I was hoping for from a film with such potential. Save this one for DVD.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

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