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How You’ll Spend Valentine’s Day, According To Your Zodiac

How You’ll Spend Valentine’s Day, According To Your Zodiac

What do the stars have in store for you?

I’ve always found Valentine’s Day to be an extremely divisive holiday.

There are those who think it’s a ridiculous money-grab by the romance industry and pretend to be above it all – and then there are those of us who are suckers for love. We jump at any excuse to do heart-centric craft projects, bake pink-frosted cookies, and send candy and flowers to people we care about – friends, family, and lovers alike.

This year Valentine’s Day happens to fall on the same day as Ash Wednesday, one of the holiest days in the Christian calendar. So although I adore Valentine’s Day, I’ll be spending this one at church, having ashes smeared on my forehead as the priest says solemnly, “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” So romantic.

But if Christianity is not your jam, you might be wondering what Valentine’s Day is going to look like for you this year. What sort of plans does the universe have in store? Luckily, we can turn to the stars to tell us. After all, religion and astrology are basically the same thing: humans trying make sense of this world, searching for something to believe in.


You are all about making a V-Day plan and sticking with it this year, Aries. Your usual spontaneous self is taking a backseat as Mars in Capricorn lights a fire under you and transforms you into a not-to-be-messed-with Type A personality. You’re determined to make this the best Valentine’s Day ever – or else! Just try not to put too much pressure on yourself, or your loved one. It’s only one day, after all. Cut yourself some slack and don’t freak out if things don’t go exactly according to your master plan.


What’s the Valentine’s version of Ebenezer Scrooge? Whatever it is, that’s you this year, Taurus. But your grumpy, couldn’t-care-less attitude about Valentine’s Day is really just a front to hide what’s really going on: you’ve had a terrible year, love-wise. Your bullheaded nature means you’ll deny it all day long, but deep down, you know you royally screwed up in the romance department this year. If you can’t admit that you were wrong and make some long overdue changes in your life, you’re going be bah-humbugging your way through many more Valentine’s Days to come, my stubborn friend.


Troublemaker Mars is squatting in your relationship sector this Valentine’s Day, Gemini. It’s not the best news, honestly. Misunderstanding, disagreements, even knock-down drag-out fights are all likely when the God of War is hovering over your sign. It’s hard to make plans for romance when you feel hyper critical of the choices your loved ones are making lately. However, this could be an opportunity to bare your soul and clear the air. A long, tear-stained night of brutal honesty and makeup sex could actually bring you to a new and deeper level of intimacy.


Cancers hate to be alone, and on Valentine’s Day, that goes double. But with Saturn in retrograde in your sign, it’s up to you to make sure you get what you want this year. If you have a partner, don’t expect them to read your mind and plan the perfect V-Day date for the two of you. Speak up for yourself and your needs, or you’re likely to end up disappointed. If you’re single this year, gather your friends around you and plan a Galentine’s extravaganza. It’s going to be a great day, if you take the lead.


The New Moon in Aquarius lights up your house of partnerships this month, making you look at your loved ones with new eyes. It could be a time of renewal, when you’re suddenly attracted to someone new, or rediscovering what you love about someone you’re already with. Don’t beat around the bush: be direct and let this person know how you feel. Everything is flowing for you on this Valentine’s Day, Leo – emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, financially, and sexually – so whatever you do, the stars are aligned for an amazing night.


The people who love you, Virgo, do so in spite of your harshly critical tongue. Oh, but you can be biting. No one would ever accuse you of having a generous nature. This doesn’t generally make for the most romantic of Valentine’s Days. However, this year your guardian angel planet, Mercury, is entering Pisces, your sign’s opposite. This chills you out and helps you stop picking people apart in the manner you’re infamous for. It’s possible you might have a pleasant evening with your loved one(s), without finding fault or uttering a sharp word the whole night. Imagine that!


Good news, Libra: you’re primed to have one of the best Valentine’s Days of your life. Your guardian angel planet, Venus, is leaving buttoned-up Capricorn and entering fun-loving Aquarius in early February, and it feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s the perfect time to shake things up and do all those sweet, kooky, romantic things you’ve always wanted to do. Spell out your lover’s name in rose petals, cover yourself in edible paint, whisk them away on a surprise trip – the only limit is your imagination!  If you’re not with anyone, do something extra-special for yourself. Who says you need a partner to have a fabulous V-Day?


It’s been a rough season for you, Scorpio. This Valentine’s Day sees you retreating into yourself, getting in touch with your deepest and most powerful instincts. Mars, your very own guardian angel planet, is in Capricorn, creating an intense atmosphere where magic abounds. You’re more likely to spend this V-Day burning candles and casting spells than writing love letters and buying candy. But that suits your brooding nature, anyway. This is the time to embrace all that’s happened to you and transform every experience, good and bad, into a life more magical and passionate than even you, the queen of passion and magic, ever dreamed.


It’s time to put the brakes on, my freewheeling Sagittarius friend. You like to be everywhere and do everything, squeezing every last drop of fun out of every experience, testing the limits of your natural exuberance and energy. But Jupiter is going retrograde in February, leaving you spinning your wheels and feeling drained. This Valentine’s Day, forget about going on a romantic getaway: it’s time to do some soul-searching. You need to get your house in order, literally and metaphorically. It’s time to face the music and stop pretending things are rosy – because they’re not. If you have some loose ends to tie up, stop dragging your feet and do it. Now.


If you’re with someone on Valentine’s Day this year, they’d better be ready for you. Mars in your sign means you are full of passion and drive. You’re unstoppable! Your normally reserved nature is nowhere to be found this year, as you’re in full command of your talents, resources, and desires. Nothing less than the best will do – the fanciest chocolates, the best hotels, the kinkiest sex toys, even. What else can I say? Enjoy it while you’ve got it, Capricorn! This is your year.


Venus, planet of love, is in your sign this month, filling you with the spirit of kindness and generosity toward your fellow humans. You’re on a mission to make the world a better place this month, and Valentine’s Day is likely to find you bringing in treats for the whole office, crafting handmade Valentine gifts for your single friends, and showering all you encounter with goodwill. Your friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, acquaintances, and even people you pass on the street are lucky to have you in their lives. Just don’t forget to something nice for yourself while you’re busy brightening the day for everyone else.


Oh, Pisces. It seems you’re always drowning in the deep waters of your emotions, and this year is no different. You guardian angel planet, Jupiter, is going retrograde at the start of February, leaving you feeling adrift. Your intuitive nature is at its peak, and your sensitivity is high, so be sure to set boundaries and protect yourself during this time. It might be best not to make Valentine’s plans this year, unless it’s a plan to nest at home and practice some radical self-care. After the Sun returns to your sign on the 18th of February, you’ll find your footing again.

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