Vegetable Fried Rice Recipe

October 29, 2014
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When you have a family of five and everyone prefers different food, cooking dinner can be tricky. Very occasionally I give in to my kids’ demands and make three different dishes. Most of the time we negotiate and take turns to choose what we’re having that night, and for some reason, my turn doesn’t come nearly as often as everyone else’s. But we also have a few staple meals that everyone will eat and vegetable fried rice is one of them (spaghetti bolognese is the other one). It’s super-fast and easy to make, and the kids love it.

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Ingredients (family-sized serve)

2 cups of rice, already cooked

1 ½ cups of mixed frozen veggies (carrots, corn, peas, beans and cauliflower)

2 eggs

50 ml milk

1 clove garlic

Soy sauce

Vegetable oil


  1. First, prepare the omelet. Beat the two eggs with the milk and a dash of soy sauce. Heat a table spoon of oil in a small pan on medium heat, then poor in the egg mixture. Cook for 2-3 minutes until you can flip the omelet. Then fry the other side. Take out and cut into strips.
  2. Crush the garlic. Heat the wok to medium heat. Add two table spoons of oil, then fry the garlic for approximately 30 seconds. Add the veggies and stir for 5 minutes, until fully defrosted and hot. Add the rice and 2 table spoons of soy sauce. Stir until the rice has turned the same colour throughout, then stir mix in the strips of egg.
  3. You can garnish the rice with coriander, but my kids would have none of it, so more often than not I leave it just as it is. Sometimes, when we have leftover barbecue chicken, I’d shred it and throw it in. Lately, though, everyone seems to prefer the vegetarian version.
  4. It’s all done, enjoy!

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