Selling Vibrators At Walmart Is Making Sexuality More Accessible

July 25, 2019

“Toothpaste, coffee filters, a vibrator…” Grocery lists are about to look really different.

Buying sex toys can be an intimidating experience.

While the stigma and taboo surrounding sex have gotten (somewhat) better in recent years, for many people, the idea of going into a sex shop is just too off-putting – especially if you’ve never been to one before.

The walls of dildos, vibrators, blow-up dolls, pornographic films and posters can be overwhelming, not to mention having to buy what is often an incredibly intimate product face-to-face with someone. While many sex shops are welcoming, have educated staff, and can be super empowering sexual spaces, the reality is, a lot of people will just never set foot in one because of the stigma surrounding them.

Boutique lingerie stores often sell sex toys and can be safer spaces for women to purchase personal playthings, but even these places are inaccessible for a lot of people, as they often only stock pricey “luxury” brand vibrators that cost hundreds of dollars. 

There shouldn’t be so many obstacles in the way of people comfortably, conveniently and confidently buying sex toys. Buying, owning and using these products is a totally normal thing for people to do. Sexual health is part of our overall wellbeing, and so buying a vibrator should have no more shame or stigma attached to it than buying cough medicine for your physical health, or a new tech gadget for fun.

Honestly, how much simpler would it be if we could just throw a vibrator in our shopping carts when we doing a shop at Walmart? No more sleazy sex shops or buying blindly online. No more shame or stigma around sex toys, sexual health and sexual pleasure, because vibrators are right there on the shelves, along with bedding and bathroom supplies.

This is the reality that PlusOne sees. In October of last year, they launched a line of sex toys in Walmart, the biggest retailer in the United States, and is launching another line in August.

You can find PlusOne products in the Family Planning aisle at Walmart and Target

The fact such large retailers are selling sex toys is huge for sexual health. 

Women face significantly more shame and stigma around sex, sexuality and sexual pleasure. From slut-shaming and the prevalence of rape culture to the fact that the majority of porn is made for the eyes and gratification of men, there is a cocktail of reasons women’s sexuality is something we often have to discover – often late into our 20s – for ourselves, instead of something which is encouraged.

The high amounts of sexual stigma women face in society has consequences in the bedroom; there is a clear orgasm gap between men and women. A 2017 study found that heterosexual men are more likely to say they orgasm 95 percent of the time, compared to women’s 65 percent. The same study found lesbians reach Oh-Town 85 percent of the time, so the orgasm gap predominately applies to heterosexual sex. 

vibrators at walmart

One way to close the orgasm gap is to encourage women to embrace sex toys and solo sexual pleasure. Once you understand your own body and what makes you orgasm alone, it’s easier to communicate that to a partner and is the key to mind-blowing sex. And one way to assist in orgasming alone; sex toys and vibrators.

A 2009 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that around 52 percent of women aged between 18 and 60 had used a vibrator, either alone, or during mutual masturbation or partnered sex. The same study also found that vibrator use was actually super beneficial; women who used them were more likely to regularly check up on their gynecological health, and scored higher on the sexual satisfaction scale.

That number should be sitting significantly higher, and one way to grow it is to make sex toys more accessible, affordable, and less taboo.

Being able to buy sex toys at “regular” places like Walmart or Target – the other location PlusOne currently sell their product – is a big deal. Selling sex toys as mainstream, normal products is a step towards progress in how we see sexual health and sexuality, which we still desperately need; in fact, Alabama still criminalizes the sale of sex toys (yep, really).

The range created by PlusOne is pushing forward towards that progress, with their range of high-quality sex toys with the features of luxury brands, but for prices often less than $30. Not to mention the accessibility of selling sex toys at stores like Walmart and Target means people who may never have seen a vibrator simply because of location will have the option to purchase one. Find out more about PlusOne by watching the video below…

Visit the PlusOne website for more information, and to find your closest Target or Walmart that stocks PlusOne products.

Featured image and images via unsplash.com. 



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