Victoria tells Parky she is ‘happy’ with Becks

December 2, 2003

Victoria tells Parky she is ‘happy’ with Becks

Victoria Beckham has put an end to intense speculation that her marriage to football superhero David Beckham is on the rocks. In an interview with UK TV host Michael Parkinson, she announced that she wants a bunch of kids with spunky Becks and that she is she is ‘happy’ with her husband. She says: “I love David and the boys more than anything in the world. And I think there are a lot of people who don’t like that.”

Victoria, who is mother to Brooklyn, four, and one-year-old Romeo, says: “We have a fabulous, long dining room table at home, and we want to fill it. I have visions of me and David when we’re older and having kids running around everywhere. ?We’ll definitely have more children. We love each other, you have to remember that. It’s not about competition. You should see me with a football – there’s no competition at all.” Mrs Beckham went on to say she is partly responsible for his meteoric rise, but added that she owes him a lot too. “I think I wouldn’t be as famous if I wasn’t with David. And I don’t think David would be as famous if he wasn’t with me. I think we really complement each other. It’s all so superficial – at the end of the day we are going to get old and wrinkly at some point.” How cute! As for her music career, which she is apparently about to re-launch, Mrs Beckham claims it?s just “a hobby”.

Beckhams meet the Queen

Golden goal-kicker David Beckham was recently awarded a medal from Her Majesty for his services to the national sport. Here?s a snippet from the poppet, revealing why he is a superstar football player and not, say a brain surgeon. “This is just an amazing day,” said David. “It’s a dream come true. It’s definitely on a par with my football medals – if not better. “Her Majesty said she was very pleased to be giving me this award. She asked if it was exhausting travelling around the world to play football matches, and I said no, because I am used to it now. I know Her Majesty is a football fan because when I was at a Number 10 reception, the Prime Minister told me he had watched a World Cup game on television with the Queen and William and Harry.” Well said, Becks.

Granny says ‘nothing wrong’ with Timberlake’s penis

Justin Timberlake‘s granny is incensed that Britney Spears has suggested that her grandson has a peeny weeny. Granny Sadie (Bomar) says Spears wasn’t being truthful when she hinted on TV last week Timberlake isn’t well endowed. His 70-year-old grandmother said: “I helped raise him – and I can assure you there is nothing wrong with him physically.” Justin must be dying with embarrassment that Granny Sadie has waded into the war of words about his size! Wonder whether Cameron Diaz wants to add her 2 cents worth? Or should that be two cent-imetres?

Opps she did it again!

Nope we aren?t talking about Justin Trousersnake this time! Britney Spears? new album has debuted at No. 1 in the States, and she is in the zone, all right!! The pop tarlets sexy fourth album, In the Zone racked up more than 609,000 copies sold in its first week, according to industry figures. The disc, which contains the single .Me Against the Music with Madonna, has received mixed reviews from critics but obviously the public loves it! It showcases an all-grown-up Britney, panting about her sex drive, her shopping sprees and her all-night partying. Good news for the pop princess but not as good as her second album Oops! … I Did It Again which sold a whopping 1.3 million copies in its first week in May 2000! Seems like Brits is not all washed up as some would have us believe?


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