Vitamins To Help Your Dog Cope With Stress Is Now A Thing

July 29, 2015
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Dogs lead a hard life. They have too much time on their hands, no accessible food to binge on if they get bored and often get told to quit running around come dusk. What’s a dog to do when the stress of their crazy lifestyle starts to build up? Take a pet vitamin to ease the symptoms, of course!

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Seriously though, vitamins for your animals is now a thing – and just like humans, their purpose is to prevent health problems that stem from life’s “challenges” and poor diet.

“Much like people, modern dogs, are living longer and many are living in cities in apartments and exposed to more pollution and spend less time outside,” a Blackmores spokesperson told Fairfax Media.

“Today’s dogs also face challenges because their ‘pet parents’ are often working long hours, so they may not get the company or the opportunity to exercise as much as they would like.”

Apparently these stresses commonly manifest themselves in joint problems, which a Blackmores spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald affects up to 70 per cent of some larger dog breeds. While it indeed sounds a bit ridiculous, it’s been reported that the average Australian dog owner is spending over $2400 on their pet’s wellbeing. Therefore, nutraceuticals (nutritional pharmaceuticals) for animals is designed to relieve some of this burden.

Dr David Neck, a spokesman for the Australian Veterinary Association, doesn’t agree, however. “The science behind [studies which support pet nutraceuticals] is often vague with little data,” he told the SMH.

“Generally speaking, any commercial diet labelled ‘balanced and complete’ doesn’t need anything more added… In fact in many instances supplementing commercial diets can upset their balance and isn’t recommended.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that feeding your dog vitamins could be doing more harm than good because “some pets are just not suited to anything other than a perfectly balanced diet.”

Ah, life in the twenty-first century. Who would have predicted that it would be so fast-faced and stressful that even our dogs would end up requiring a nutritional supplement to combat the problem. Next up we’ll be seeing an animal obesity epidemic! Oh wait; that’s nearly a thing, right?

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