Volume Boosting Tips For Thin Hair

October 9, 2014

Do you suffer from thin and lifeless hair that doesn’t ever want to cooperate? Let us all rejoice! If you catch yourself with a backcomb in one hand and can of texturising spray in the other, then you’re definitely one of us.

Even though we all want bouncy, fabulous hair – sometimes it just doesn’t quite work out that way. Follow some of our tips and tricks to get some extra volume in no-time.

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Condition the ends

When washing your hair in the shower, don’t go overboard and condition root to tip. This is probably the reason your hair is feeling so flat and lifeless – especially if you’re already using some volumising products that don’t give any results.

Carefully comb the product through your ends, wait 3-5 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Dry it well

Section off your hair while it’s still wet, and wrap a small towel (or tea towel) around your hair. Squeeze out any excess water, and work from root to tip which will ensure that your hair is voluminous all-over. This method wakes up the cuticle, and gives hair some life when it’s dry.

Back brush

Put away that old backcomb and work with your hair when it’s still wet. Take the front section of your hair (including your bangs), and wrap it over a round brush as you blow-dry. This will create some serious volume, and won’t harm your hair follicles either.

Velcro rollers

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Velcro rollers have been around for years, and they are just some of the best ways to give your hair some extra oomph. Blow-dry your hair upside down until it’s completely dry, then add in some velcro rollers starting from the crown to the back of the head. If your hair is still feeling a bit wet, blow-dry the rollers so they can give you some extra hold.

Volumising products

Anyone with fine or thin hair will tell you that finding a volumising product is few and far between. Although there are a few holy grail products out there on the market which actually live up to the hype, here are just two which you can try out.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic, $34.95

Spray this mist onto your roots, then scrunch your hair before blow-drying it on a medium heat. Lift the hair and concentrate the heat on the roots to give an extra bit of hold.

Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder, $26

An all-in-one hair solution which acts as a dry shampoo, style extending product, and even gives much needed volume to sad here. The thin formula is best applied onto the crown and produces clean and bouncy hair in just minutes. Don’t worry about the powder creating a white residue on dark hair, it blends in right after you apply it.

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