Wake Up Healthy: The Hot Water And Lemon Trick

October 29, 2012

Most of us reach for an orange juice or coffee when we get out of bed, but switch to this simple (and delicious) drink and you’ll flush out toxins, cleanse your body and give you natural energy for the day. Here’s how…

You’ve heard of starting the day with a glass of hot water with lemon, but why is something so simple touted as a miracle drink?

When you drink hot water and lemon first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, it kick starts your digestive system and flushes your liver and kidneys of toxins. This can help in weight loss, improved digestion, healthier bowels, more radiant skin, and leaves you feeling energetic and more focused.

So how do you make hot water and lemon? Simply add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of boiling or lukewarm water. Stir and enjoy!

While orange juice is packed with vitamin C, as a breakfast drink it’s not the best choice as it loads you up with sugar and hits your stomach with a high dose of acid. Similarly coffee is an acidic drink and for a healthy stomach lemon water is a much better choice.

Once you’ve started enjoying this drink every morning, you can amp it up by adding a teaspoon of turmeric (a powerful anti-inflammatory) with a knob of grated ginger. Don’t skimp: the power of these drinks is to add a lot of ginger and lemon – it may taste spicy and sour to start but you’ll soon find the taste pleasantly invigorating.

Even better, make a carafe so the whole family can sip while you get ready for your day.

Do you drink hot water and lemon?

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