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Want great sex? Then love your body!

Want great sex? Then love your body!

Do you dash from the bathroom to your bed like your hair is on fire hoping your man doesn?t look at your bum wobbling? Or would you rather walk the plank in Pirates of the Caribbean than do the nudie dash, so you cover up in a robe until the last minute while your man lays in bed waiting for you? If this sounds like you, then stop and take stock! While you are berating yourself for not going to the gym more, your man is probably lying there with his sleepy half-smile thinking ?Cripes I love that woman!?

Recent research proves that a healthy body image leads to great sex ? so what are you waiting for? If you spend your most intimate moments worrying about your imaginary, wobbly bits then you are doing yourself and your partner a serious disservice. In fact, scientist have proved a crap body image is a guaranteed libido killer.

Here are some of our favourite ?cheat notes? to give you confidence in the sack.

– Put a red globe in your bedside light. Strip clubs don?t use red lights to hide the embarrassed looks on guys? faces while they are getting a lap dance, they do it because it is most flattering to the naked female body. Miraculously all your cellulite disappears!

– Arch your back a lot during sex. It?ll make your tummy appear firmer, your face assume a seductive look and another added benefit is that your breasts will appear more pert! Gravity defying boobs ? just what the doctor ordered with no surgery!

– Doggie style is perfect for small breasts. He?ll reach around and grab a handful of perfectly round boobs not letting any go to waste.

– Try the missionary position and then get him to kneel in front of you, put your bum in the air, and your legs around his neck. Instant long legs!

– In Puberty Blues, novelists Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey wrote that if you have small boobs lie on your side for instant clevage!

– As a last resort, either have sex in the dark all the time or blindfold your man ? that will turn him on because he will think that you have suddenly gone all ?dominatrix? on him!

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