Wanted: Nanny for Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

April 5, 2005

Wanted: Nanny for Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz

David with Brooklyn and Romeo
That?s right, the Victoria and David Beckham are looking for a new nanny for their three boys and they?re even advertising on a UK Nanny website. The ad reads: “Very high-profile celebrity family require professional nanny for three boys. Nanny must be very flexible and willing to travel – mostly to Spain. Confidentiality and discretion is a must with this position. Nanny must have a minimum of five years experience.” According the UK Daily Mirror, the position is being advertised after a falling out with previous nanny Abigail Gibson. Abigail was a major part of the boys? lives and it will be very difficult to replace her. “Abigail’s decision to quit came as a major shock. She was a loyal member of the Beckhams’ trusted inner circle.? And if you?re interested, the celebrity pair will be paying ₤500 a month.

No men for Naomi
Naomi: All men are ?jerks?
Single woman, don?t despair. Naomi Watts also admits that all men she dates are ?jerks?. The actress split with fellow Aussie Heath Ledger last year and admits she hasn?t had a boyfriend since. Despite being a Hollywood star, the 36-year-old is fearful that she may never have a serious relationship again. “I enjoyed my time with Heath and a lot of our problems stemmed from being far apart because of shooting schedules as much as anything else,” says Naomi. “If it had meant to be, we probably would have found a way to work things out. I’ve never had much luck with romance. I seem to attract jerks.” Millions of single women out there would agree with you sister!

Michael wasn’t amused
It?s not a laughing matter
Michael Vartan was the latest victim of Ashton Kutcher?s prank show Punk?d, however the episode will never be aired. Michael failed to see the funny side of Ashton?s prank and has refused to sign the release forms disallowing MTV to feature Michael on the hit show. An insider reveals, “They get Michael on a jet and he finds out the plane is in really bad shape. He wants off, but the pilot and flight attendants won’t let him. Things are falling off the plane – it’s really coming apart and they’re telling him, ‘No, it’s fine, stay.’? Once the disaster was revealed as a prank, a shocked Michael refused to have a laugh and said he didn?t want fans to see him humiliated. Good to see someone thinks Ashton?s show is childish and pathetic…

Sienna and Jude?s wedding off?

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