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Wardrobe Disasters

Wardrobe Disasters

Wardrobe Disasters

With all their money and stylists, it’s almost unforgiveable for celebrities to look this bad. Even though these celebs would like to forget them (well, maybe except Lady Gaga), we’ve weeded out the very worst wardrobe shockers.

Lady Gaga

You either love her style…or you hate it. At the very least, she’s original. But this “might as well be naked” outfit is one purely for the die-hard fans. For the rest of us: it’s hideous.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She usually features on the best dressed lists, but every now and again Gwynie comes out with a major fashion faux pas (that pink Oscars dress, anyone?). This outfit is so bad we don’t know what’s worse: the gold top? Opaque tights under shiny shorts? Those grey booties? Or the sum of its ugly parts?

Katy Perry

Her voluptuous figure should make for great fashion, but unfortunately her oddball sense of humour seems to lead her wardrobe decision. Including this “light up” dress with LED lights sewn into the fabric. Even worse, she wore this awful dress to a major fashion event chaired by none other than Anna Wintour, who was none too impressed.

Lindsay Lohan

Just before she headed to jail, Lindsay partied one last time, in this atrocious outfit. What’s with the mesh top and oversized hat? She should have been sent to jail – for crimes against fashion.

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