Are You Washing Your Face Correctly?

November 2, 2014

Is there a right way to wash your face? There certainly is if you wish to keep your skin feeling young and want to avoid premature ageing. We recently by a video featuring Isabelle Bellis who amongst other things, works as a facialist in New York City. The French-born beauty follows a specific routine of face washing, which is oddly therapeutic and will forever change the way you think about your skin.

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If you haven’t caught the entire how-to by Isabelle, below are just a few key points she makes for everyone who wants to switch-up their facial cleansing routine.

Thermal Spring Water

If you want to remove your makeup, use a gentle thermal water to break down those particles on the skin. Thermal water is mild, and has a lower p.H level in comparison to tap water, so it’s better for your skin. Spray the product onto a large cotton pad, and gently dab across the skin to loosen up your makeup.

Cleansing milk

Invest in a quality cleanser which is specifically formulated for your skin type; whether that is dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or even acne-prone. By nature, cleansers aren’t too drying on the skin, so they won’t make matters worse (in comparison to using an exfoliator). Massage a cleansing milk over your skin, with circular motions. This technique called ‘swimming’ essentially means that you’re moving the product all over your face, but also boosting blood-flow and circulation under the skin.

Tepid water

Immediately after this, wash your face with tepid water (not too cold, not too hot), and gently dab dry with a soft face towel. Give your face another quick spritz with the thermal water to break down the particles in the tap water – then dry with tissues. Tissues are often softer on the skin, and won’t leave a residue from the cotton.


Finally before applying moisturiser, Isabelle insists that you must use a toner. Treat your skin like silk, so don’t tug at it, avoid rubbing skin (especially around the eyes!) and confine toner to problem areas such as the forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then moisturise by dabbing the product gently onto your face, and again swimming around the eyes. This is a perfect motion since it won’t cause the skin to tear which can lead to premature ageing.

Image via Into The Gloss

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