Watch Jamie Dornan Finger Dakota Johnson In 50 Shades Darker Sneak Peek

January 29, 2017

Is it getting smoking hot in here??

The much awaited cinema drop of the latest 50 Shades instalment, 50 Shades Darker, is just weeks away. And in case your panties weren’t already dropping in anticipation of more gloriously explicit shots of Jamie Dornan’s devastatingly chiselled naked physique, a sneak preview of one of the new flick’s hottest scenes has just hit the interwebs to get you in the mood.

All you need to know is some very inappropriate things happen in a crowded elevator ride with Dornan’s character, troubled bad boy Christian Grey, and Dakota Johnson’s character, the always meek Anastasia Steele.

Prepare for your screen to fog over…

Damn. Where’s a crowded elevator and a hot deviant when you need one? 😍 😍 😍

50 Shades Darker hits cinemas this Valentine’s Day.

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