Watch Trump Make SUPER Inappropriate Comments To A Little Girl In This Creepy Video

October 14, 2016

Prepare for your skin to crawl…

Yet another creepy video of Trump has been leaked this week in which the presidential candidate is heard making wildly inappropriate comments about a young girl.

The recording comes from a 1992 Entertainment Tonight Christmas special filmed at Trump Tower and includes a group of girls, one of whom Trump asks if she is going up the escalator.

When the child responds, “yeah” in a high-pitched voice that belies her young age, what Trump says next is truly horrifying, and very, very inapprops…

In case you missed it, the then-46-year-old is heard on camera remarking, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years, can you believe it?”

There are really no words to describe everything that is wrong with this clip, though it’s disturbing to think this is now one of a growing handful of pieces of evidence of Trump’s wildly inappropriate encounters with women. Most recently a People magazine reporter came forward to tell the story of how the presidential candidate sexually assaulted her during an interview, and in the past month the 70 year-old has been accused of calling a female journalist “a c**t”, referring to another as “Miss Piggy” and, more concerning, is currently involved in  legal proceedings with an unidentified woman who alleges the business tycoon raped her when she was 13 years-old.

Though Trump has denied his involvement in these cases, Republicans are currently pulling their support from the presidential hopeful in order to avoid any further damage to the party’s reputation.

Video via theguardian.com. Featured image: Trump with daughter Ivanka at the Plaza Hotel, NYC.

Comment: Do you think Trump should still be considered for president, given the evidence mounting against him of inappropriate dealings with women?


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