Wax On – Wax Off (Cont’d)

March 18, 2002

“It’s funny because it doesn’t even enter my head now, seeing people’s vaginas. It’s like eyebrow wax / Brazilian. Same thing,” she says matter-of-factly and with that the first of the wax is off. The pain is sharp, but short and it certainly awakens my senses.

Realising that I was half-naked on a table with a complete stranger and now in a position that was usually reserved for gynecological examinations or advanced practitioners of the Kama Sutra, ‘the fear’ is nagging at me once more.

“I did my first Brazilian a long time ago, probably about 5 years ago. They weren’t that popular. It’s only since I’ve been here that they’ve become more popular. Here I do about 5 a day,” her experience with the process is both obvious and comforting. “Everyone has different hair growth cycles. Some people’s hair grows back very quickly and they can need a touch up in three weeks. It’s nowhere near as painful,” she assures me.

I try to focus on the colour of the wax, soothing, cooling blue. I know the lower parts are about to be tackled. I breathe deeply, in and out. I try to be brave as Susie lets rip.

“How was that?”

My tongue might as well have been ripped out too because I seem to have lost the ability to speak. Feeling like the world’s biggest Band-Aid has just been ripped off less than taut skin will do that to a girl.

Susie takes my mute silence as an opportunity to explain the crucial home care routine for my newly depilatoried body.

“The most important thing is tea tree wash, it’s a very gentle wash with a very high grade tea tree oil and use it for about seven days after you’ve had your Brazilian because what it does, it prevents any infection. The other thing we recommend is Bikini Saver and what that does is prevent ingrown hairs. Also it stops that itching feeling of hair growing back. It’s very good and everyone raves about it, says it’s fantastic,” she says.

“So we’re nearly finished. We’ve done one side,” she says proudly and I look down to survey the damage. It’s certainly smooth and very pink and it looks well, very tidy.

The second half is over much faster than the first and hurts surprisingly less, partly because I now knew what to expect and partly because the salon atmosphere has kicked up a notch, the music a little louder and funkier, the place buzzing with the Rio vibe.

The results are quite amazing. But don’t take my word for it. You go girl! Go to Rio!

By Sally Schofield

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The Harem

Level 6, 99 York Street,

Sydney, NSW.

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Devine Decadence – a place for people who love themselves

150 Greville Street,

Prahran, VIC.

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Mosaic – Hair, Body, Skin, Make-Up

Shop 3, 59 Hardgrave Road,

West End, QLD.

Phone 07 3846 2777

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