Brazilian Waxing FAQs

March 18, 2002

Our friends at The Harem have the answers to your frequently asked questionsWhat is Brazilian Waxing?

Brazilian waxing involves the removal of all pubic hair, except for a thin landing strip or “Mohawk”. Very porn-star!

How is it done?

We disinfect the area, apply talcum powder and use wax designed for the most sensitive areas. Small patches of hair are removed, one at a time, with the utmost care! We also remove the hair that spreads through the back area. Afterwards, we give thorough home care advice. It’s a very natural procedure and the therapist’s experience and confidence dictates how comfortable you ultimately feel through it.

How long does the procedure take?

Going to Rio usually takes from 30 – 45 minutes, depending on hair growth.

How long has Brazilian Waxing been in practice?

Brazilian Waxing has existed among some cultures for centuries. In parts of the East it is tradition for the bride to have all hair removed before her wedding night. In the West it has become increasingly in vogue over the last two years. Off course in Brazil, where bikini bottoms are tiny, it is considered a normal bikini wax.

What kinds of people are coming in to have Brazilian Waxing?

Everyone! All ages, all sizes and all walks of life. Many ladies in long-term relationships have it done to “surprise the man”, a sure way to bring fire back to the bedroom (or bathroom, kitchen, garden).

Is the procedure very painful?

It depends. Some women have very strong hair and very sensitive skin, which makes for a painful experience. Others don’t even wince. On the whole most women are pleasantly surprised to see that it’s really not that bad.

What kind of hygiene precautions do you take?

We use only disposable wooden spatulas, and do not double dip. We always disinfect the region and afterwards apply a gentle anti-bacterial tea tree lotion.

Why do women do it?

What it really boils down to are two things:

  • It makes sex better. There’s no hair between you and your lover, so you both feel EVERYTHING, and your senses are heightened. Men are also much happier being of oral service, for much longer!
  • It makes you feel like a powerful, sensual Goddess. It’s your little secret that makes you feel good.

The Harem, Sydney

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