We Tried A Ton Of Nude Lipsticks. Here Are The Most Perfect Ones.

June 1, 2017

Natural, but better.

The perfect nude lipstick struggle is real. I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve been trying to find my own lippie match for over a decade, and in doing so, accumulated so many that look so similar, my hubby thinks I need lipstick rehab.

The ideal nude lipstick should look almost as if you’re not wearing any lippie at all, but are simply blessed with flawless lips. The problem with that is, everyone needs a different shade, depending on their individual skin tone lip hue. I’m always surprised how different some of my lipsticks look on my friends whenever they raid my overflowing makeup drawer.

Although it’s super fun to spend an entire afternoon at Sephora swatching lippy on your hands, it’s not very helpful when your aim is to find ‘The One’, as a shade can look completely different on your lips than it does on your skin.

Just as for finding the perfect shade of foundation, there are quite a few theories out there on how to find a nude lipstick that’s just right, the most bizarre but surprisingly effective one being to compare the lipstick to the shade of your nipples – specifically your areolas. Let’s just say we tried it, and while it works, we don’t recommend using this as your new Sephora swatching technique next time you hit the makeup counters.

After distributing a ton of different nude lipsticks among the SHESAID team, we found the only way to really know if a hue suits you, is to try it on your lips. Besides the shade, we also paid attention to the texture and feel of the lipsticks and, after hours of trial and error, we managed to find our absolute faves.

So if you’re still on the hunt for a nude lipstick MVP, give the following total standouts a try…

Napoleon Perdis Miss Jean Lipstick in MJ 4

“I love the shade, a mix of matte nude with a touch of glitter. The creamy finish gave me a lipstick feel but a glossy look. The container has a magnet cap, too, which makes it easy to open and close without the risk of losing the cap in my purse. I would absolutely recommend this one.” –Marine, Digital marketing associate

Get it here.

Clinique Pop Lipstick in Nude Pop

“This lipstick feels creamy, leaving a satiny finish. The shade is a blend of dusty pink and beige, making it look really natural, but sophisticated. I also love the tube packaging, which reminds me of candy I used to eat as a child.” –Nadine, Beauty editor

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Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil in Malted Milkshake

“The texture is very lipgloss-like, and it comes with a brush applicator. The nude lipstick leaves the lips soft, and only slightly sticky. This is a very nude hue only people with very fair skin can pull off – the product almost looks more like a concealer rather than a lipstick, but I love the finish and how long it lasts.” –Jaana, Art director

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Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Beige 2

“I sometimes wonder why bother with nude lipstick that matches so closely no one can tell I’m wearing anything. But this ultra beige lippie is super flattering on, and adds a classy finish. It’s creamy, long lasting, and easy to apply around the edges.” –Josie, Intern

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Lipstick Queen Lipstick in Mornin’ Sunshine via Mecca

“This is by far the most impressive color-changing lipstick I have ever used. The yellow product glides on like a balm, then adapts to your lips’ natural tone, transforming into a very flattering peachy pink that’ll go darker or lighter, dependent on your complexion.” –Nadine, Beauty editor

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Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Bare Nude

“This is my ideal nude lippie, because, well, it’s not actually a lipstick. The fact it’s a crayon means its super easy to apply without having to line my lips first, and foolproof when I’m running late or have to quickly apply on the train before work. The nude is also really subtle but adds just enough shade to make your lips pop.” –Kassi, Junior content producer

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Napoleon Perdis Divine Goddess Lipstick in Clio

“I love the texture of this lipstick. It feels nourishing and keeps the lips super moisturized. It doesn’t have too much pigment, which makes me want to re-apply quite often, but at the same time it looks so flatteringly natural, it’s worth the extra effort.” –Jaana, Art director

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