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How To Wear Crimped Hair In 2015

How To Wear Crimped Hair In 2015

Crimping is back and bigger than ever this season, even appearing in the catwalk comeback of John Galliano for prestigious fashion house, Maison Margiela.

But how on earth can we wear this trend in 2015 without looking like we stepped out of 1999? We have found a few hairstyles below which show that this trend is for everyone.

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Low ponytail

If your hair is naturally straight, tie it into a low ponytail, and wrap a piece of hair to conceal the elastic. Then, take small strands of hair and crimp them in sections. They blend in so seamlessly in this look without appearing too over-the-top.

How To Crimp Your Hair in 2015

Crimp braids

Give braided hair a bit of a fresh look by crimping the layers first. Not only does this give some additional volume and texture to flat hair, but is also quick and easy to achieve if you’re strapped for time.

Crimp the hair in small sections, twist, then secure with a bobby pin.

How To Crimp Your Hair in 2015

Side part

If you’re working with a standard low-bun, bring out the crimper and give some life to those shorter layers at the front. Take small sections of your side fringe, and lightly crimp and place behind your ear to cool, just like Fearne Cotton.

How To Crimp Your Hair in 2015

Faux bob

Go all out and rock your crimps with a faux bob. This look is really simple to achieve if you have a pair of mirrors handy, and will last for days!

Start by crimping the lower layers of hair, then carefully pin inwards and conceal any bumps. Add a headband for extra stability (and it can also keep your hair locked-in place for longer.

How To Crimp Your Hair in 2015

Half-up half-down

Work a traditional half-up half-down hairstyles with a mini-crimper to create the illusion of additional texture. Focus on crimping the hair from root to tip, then lightly mist with some volumising hair spray for a flawless look.

How To Crimp Your Hair in 2015

Images via Alyography, Last Hair Models, Heat UK, Voodou, Suosikki

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