How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt

February 3, 2015
How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt

Otherwise known as a thigh-baring skirt is a super-hot trend which made its way down the runway over two years ago. With celebrity fans such as Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, and Kendall Jenner, this is one of the best ways to show off those legs!

Below are just a few different ways to rock this trend regardless of the weather, but a cosy jumper never hurt anyone!

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Crop top

Show off those washboard abdominal muscles by pairing this skirt with a crop-top. If the weather is just too cold, why not choose a top with long sleeves? At least it will keep your arms warm!

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt


A stylish statement blazer is the ultimate accessory which completes any outfit. Choose something monochrome if you to get more wear out of it, but trust us, metallics are definitely back in style.

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt


A smart button-up blouse can take your outfit to another level if paired with the right accessories. We were inspired by Rihanna’s look, which combines both clashing prints and lace-up heels for a modern touch.

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt


Any pop of colour is a fantastic way to stand-out in a crowd, especially if you’re wearing a skirt like this! This look immediately caught our eye since it’s so original, and combines colours from similar palettes. Perfect for the girl who wants to add a bit of colour back into her wardrobe.

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt

Tank top

A minimal tank top takes the edge away from a busy outfit, making it appropriate for the daytime. Keep any accessories to a minimum, since the skirt will most likely be doing all the talking!

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt


Keep the focus to your waist by belting your entire outfit. This particular outfit is one of the easiest way to wear a high-slit during the day, especially with a pair of old biker boots.

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt

Pointy flats

Another way to make your cost-per-wear seem a little less excessive, is by wearing your high-slit skirt during the day. Pointy flats make the ultimate statement since they’re still quite dressy, but comfortable at the same time!

How To Wear A High-Slit Skirt

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