Wedding Fingers

June 18, 2002

The dress looks stunning. The hair and make-up is complete. Every thing looks fine, but have you forgotten something? Yes, you have ? your wedding fingers. Never underestimate the importance of beautiful manicured hands on a bride. Perfect hands are easy to achieve, but like everything else, when it comes to pampering you need a little planning and TLC before the big day.

It?s a good idea to start grooming your hands about a month or so before the wedding day. We have found the dream product to use for an intensive hand treatment. Perfect Hands by Juvena of Switzerland is a brand new product, which is both a hand cream and moisture mask in one. Before you go to bed, liberally smooth Perfect Hands all over your hands and then put on a pair of cotton gloves. You can purchase cotton gloves from The Body Shop or any Pharmacy. Follow

this simple routine and you’re assured of baby-soft, supple beautiful hands when you wake! We asked Sally Hansen, the world leader in nail treatments what she would suggest to do if you can?t get to a salon for a manicure before your wedding. These are her easy-to-follow steps for perfect nails:

  • Using a good emery board such as Sally Hansen Smooth Results nailboard ($5.45), shape the nails by filing in one direction. It?s a good idea to keep the nail shape similar to that of your cuticle as well.
  • Brush Sally Hansen Creamy Cuticle Remover ($11.95) over the cuticles and leave for 3 minutes. Then soak hands in warm, soapy water, pushing back any loose cuticle skin.
  • Dry hands and gently massage Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream ($13.95) into the cuticles to repair and nourish any split cuticle skin.
  • If nails are damaged and in need of protection and nourishment apply one of Sally Hansen?s nail strengtheners to nails. Teflon Tuff with Teflon ($14.95) is one of the latest in nail strengtheners that will coat and protect the nails, for strong and healthy long nails on the big day.
  • For a totally natural finish, Sally Hansen?s French Manicure ($16.95) will complement any wedding gown. Complete with easy-to-follow instructions and nail guides, a salon finish becomes achievable and affordable. Choose pink for fairer skins or buff for olive skin tones.
  • Finish all manicures off with a good top coat. We suggest Sally Hansen Mega Shine ($11.95) ? a fast-drying shatterproof sealer with mirror shine finish. It will make the manicure last longer and improve its appearance.
  • Our secret tip? When applying a face mask-put some on your hands! If it?s good enough for the face…WIN

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