Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

July 4, 2014
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While we all receive invites alerting us of an upcoming wedding or two, for some the stress of ‘what do I wear’ kicks in months before the date’s even been set. Try and put together an outfit by adhering to the dress code, and you’ll be able to find something that is appropriate and comfortable to wear for the big day. We’ve outlined just a few outfits below to help inspire your own for that summer or winter wedding.

Summer wedding

It seems as though summer weddings are easier to dress for, since the weather is warm and won’t require a shawl, cardigan or even a jacket. Florals are always a great trend to wear in the spring/summer seasons, together with bright colours such as pink, orange and red.

If you’re heading to an outdoor wedding, try to think about your shoes beforehand. Garden weddings are quite popular, although that will be the first and last time you wear those brand new stiletto shoes in mint condition. Instead, opt for a block or stacked heel which won’t sink into the grass. Keep to dark colours such as black, burgundy and grey since they are less likely to stain from the great outdoors. Or you could always wear some flats if this is just too much to handle.

For the reception, feel free to bring along a shawl (since the air-conditioning could be blazing inside), since it’s best to be prepared for all types of weather.

Winter wedding

After watching my mother busily prepare for a wedding just last week, it dawned on me how difficult it was to dress up for a winter wedding. If you plan to wear a summery outfit, make sure to bring a coat. This will keep you relatively warm throughout the day and you can easily take it off once it’s time for the reception.


It’s probably best to stick with skin-colour hosiery if you do plan to wear it with your outfit. Not only will it blend in seamlessly into your look, but will also keep you warm throughout the day. Remember to finish off this look with closed boots (avoiding open toe sandals) and a silk scarf if you’re worried about the cold.

Can a guest wear white?

It’s often implied that a guest wearing white to a wedding is highly frowned upon, but should it be? A quick internet search will generate a variety of pages against wearing white to a wedding, if you aren’t the bride yourself. I do admit that I have worn a white dress to a wedding; once. I wasn’t shunned or bad-mouthed in any way (at least I don’t think so). But have I worn white as a guest to another wedding? No.

Many people will believe that a guest wearing white to the wedding is disrespectful to the bride. If you find yourself in this predicament, simply pick another dress! Everyone has different views and opinions, so it’s best to play it safe in this situation. Save the white dress or ensemble for another event instead.

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By Felicia Sapountzis

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