7 Romantic Hairstyles For The Big Day

July 14, 2014

Choosing just one hairstyle for your wedding can prove difficult, especially if you have long hair. It is important to pick a style which flatters your face, and compliments the texture of your hair, but also represents your personality. Romantic hairstyles are not only elegant, but also timeless since they never go out of style. Below are ten romantic hairstyles to get you inspired for the big day!

1. Braided hair

Braids are timeless hairstyles which are easy to recreate and modify to suit your own unique sense of style. This simple hairstyle can be accessorised with small flowers or wreaths if your wedding is in the warmer months.

2. Half up, half down

A classic hairstyle made popular by brides such as Jennifer Lopez, this look is cute and simple if you want your dress and makeup to be the main statement. Don’t worry about your hair dropping throughout the day, this will only add to the look.

3. Waterfall braid

Waterfall braids are an elegant way to wear your hair for any formal event. Hair is first curled, and then a simple cascade braid is added along the back. You can also choose to wear out your fringe as well.

4. Side bun

A popular choice for brides who don’t want to have their hair down, this style is both elegant and classy for the big day. Hair is pinned to the side using a sock-bun, then accessorised with crystals for an extra bit of sparkle.

5. Side ponytail

Perfect for brides with longer hair, this style still allows the hair to be worn down throughout the day. Braids are often used to make a bigger statement for a side ponytail, and costume earrings or jewellery can be worn to accessorise the ears or neck.

6. Braided bun

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous with your hairstyle, why not choose a braided bun? This style is best for brides with medium to long hair, since their layers won’t be popping out of the braid or bun. Although some hairspray is sure to fix any flyaways.

7. Classic chignon

The classic chignon (otherwise known as a ‘bun’) is a sleek hairstyle for brides who wish to wear their hair up. The bun is fixated on the nape of the neck, and hair usually has a kink or curl to make the look sophisticated.

Which style do you prefer?

Image Source: Doctissimo

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