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Wedding And Honeymoon Trends

Wedding And Honeymoon Trends

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Hitched AU, Australian wedding and honeymoon planners, went to the brides and brides-to-be of Australia to find out what was trending in the realms of weddings and honeymoons, including the cake, ring, venue and honeymoon destinations. Here are the results:

Weddings in Australia

On average, Australian couples are spending 17 months planning their wedding which is the average time that we see in other countries such as the UK and North America. There a rise in civil partnerships in Australia, with 13.9 per cent of them being conducted in 2013. This reflects our diverse and modern culture that we are so lucky to be a part of. The average age of brides within Australia is 30 years old, which has increased over the past 10 years. This is most likely because of our extremely entrepreneurial female population that we now have in Australia – the eldest bride surveyed was 66.

How much are Australian weddings costing?

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is around $29,645 with 75 per cent of the budget being spent on the wedding day and the rest on the honeymoon. In terms of financing, families are offering a helping hand with 58.1 per cent of brides getting help from their families, however 1 in 3 couples did pay their own bill. When it comes to budgeting, it seems that Australians could do with a little helping hand – 60 per cent of brides overspent on making their wedding day as perfect as it could possibly be with only 5.7 per cent underspending.

The cake, decorations and venue

It seems that some of the guests contribute towards the finances of the wedding day too, with 23.8 per cent of brides asking for their guests to add towards wedding costs. The average couple invite 101 guests to their wedding, and the venue in which they invite them too typically is within 30km of their home, whereas only 4 per cent opted to fly abroad for their wedding. Purple was the most popular colour theme with 21 per cent of brides choosing it as their main colour. Yellow is seemed was the least popular with only 1 per cent of brides using it as their main colour.

Where are Aussies honeymooning?

A large proportion of the wedding budget is spent on the honeymoon with $7,462.68 being spent on the romantic getaway (on average). It would seem as well that Australians are a culture of hands-on brides and grooms with 31.3% opting for an activity-based honeymoon. It would also appear that stay-cations are a favoured option with 31.8 per cent of Aussies starting their married life with a honeymoon in Australia and a large percent (23.5 per cent) like to get a taste of the Asian and Middle Eastern culture with honeymoons to destinations such as Thailand and India.

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