Week 1: SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge 2006!

January 16, 2006

Week 1: SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge 2006!

Week 1: Dream a Little
To ease you into the SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge for 2006 we would like you to start thinking about your log term career aspirations.
Do this by spending 15 minutes each day thinking about what it is that you would like to achieve long term in your career.

What you need to get started
? Some quiet time 10-15 minutes each day
? A pen and notebook to write down your ideas
? An open mind

For best results
? Dare to dream ? think about what you really want rather than what you think might be practical
? Be true to yourself ? think about what you want to achieve rather than you think other people may expect
? Remember that success is a very personal thing ? focus on what will make you most happy!

Ask yourself the following questions
? What do I want to be doing at the very peak of my career?
? What do I want my daily work activities to comprise?
? What do I want my workplace environment to be like? (What will the office be like? Will I be in an office? What will I be wearing?)
? Will I be working in the same city?
? Will I be working in the same organisation?
? Do I see myself working in the same industry?
? Do I see myself working in the same job?
? What will my workplace relationships be like?
? Will I have staff reporting to me?
? What sort of work/life balance will I have?
? Will I hold a management position? A creative role? And technical role?
? What else will be happening in my life? Will I have children? Will I have a partner?

How do I write down my ideas?
? This is designed to be a very relaxed exercise to stimulate your mind and get you thinking about all of the possibilities so all you need to do is simply note down your ideas in an unstructured manner.
? Each day as you think of more ideas write them down as well. Keep your ideas ready for week 2.

Log on for week 2 to complete our career-refining quiz.

By Lisa O’Brien – Careers Coach

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