Week 2: Refine your Career Quiz

January 24, 2006

Week 2: Refine your Career Quiz

How the quiz works
For the second week of the SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge for 2006 we would like you to complete a mini quiz. The quiz is designed to help you to recognise your career requirements. Career requirements are the things that you absolutely must get from your career and therefore require. The quiz will also help you to weed out the things that may not be so important to you after all. There are no right or wrong answers. This quiz is very personal and just for you to see. Use the quiz as a tool to gain the personal insight that will allow you to set clear goals in week 3. Goals that you really truly want to achieve!

What you need to get started
– 10-15 minutes to complete the quiz
– A pen and notebook to note down your answers.
– The ability to be very honest with yourself (no-one needs to see your results).

How To Complete The Quiz
Firstly read the situational statement under each heading. Secondly read the three possible responses under the heading and write down the letter that most closely resembles what you would do if you were in the situation.

Finally once you have completed all 3 situations go to the bottom of the document and read the section entitled ?What Your Answer Says About Your Career Requirements?.

Situation 1. Job satisfaction vs. salary
You are offered your dream job. It’s a job that you have been dreaming of having your whole life and now it could be yours. The only problem is that if you take the job you will have to go a step backwards in salary. Faced with this situation you:
A. Take the job
B. Take the job on the condition that the employer agrees to increase your salary within one year
C. Use the job offer an opportunity to negotiate a pay increase from your current employer

Situation 2. Work/Life balance vs. career promotion opportunities
You are working on a high profile project. Your manager tells you that if you bring this project in on time you will be promoted. You realise that to make this happen you are going to have to put your personal and social life on hold for the next month. Faced with this situation you:
A. Put your personal life on hold and work day, night and weekends to bring this project in on time. You must win the promotion.
B. You compromise by working back for ? an hour each day and focus on better managing your time hoping that you can finish the project on time.
C. You go home on time every evening after all you reason that management should not expect you to have to meet unrealistic deadlines.

3. Structure and stability vs. opportunity to influence
You are solidly working away in your job when one day your manager walks in and announces that organisation is restructuring. Faced with this situation you:
A. Start jumping inside with excitement because a restructure provides you with an opportunity to share your ideas and influence the new structure of the organisation.
B. Feel apprehensive sensing that this could be bad news or it could be good news. You are just not sure until it all pans out.
C. Start looking for a new job because there no way you are going to hang around waiting for this mess to unfold.

What your answers say about your career requirements

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