Week 3: SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge

February 7, 2006

Week 3: SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting Challenge

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to get everything that they want in life? One day they tell you that they want a great job and the next thing they are on a work assignment in some glamorous location. Then they tell you that they are thinking of buying a new place, the next thing you find yourself at the housewarming party of the year at their amazing waterfront home. You have to ask yourself, what is it with these people? Why do they always get all the luck?

Guess what, they MAKE IT HAPPEN! Every single thing that they go after they make happen. Why? Because they want it to happen and because they know how to make it happen! These people know how to set clear goals and how to turn those clear goals into a workable action plan.

Those of you who have been taking part in our SheSaid/CareersCoach online coaching program have some excellent background experience in identifying your goals and dreams. So that you to can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

If you have not yet completed week 1 and week 2 we recommend that you do before starting week 3.
To start week 1 click here
To start week 2 click here

Let’s Start Setting Some Goals!

Step 1. List your career goals
During week 1 you made a list of your dreams. Then in week 2 you completed a career quiz to clarify what is really important to you. Now is the time to turn those dreams into real goals that you can work towards.

To do this exercise simply make a list of all of your dream inspired goals. Your dream inspired goals are the goals that are inspired by your dreams.

For example, if one of your dreams from week 1 was to become a CEO then you need to think about what steps you need to take in order to get from where you are today to the position of CEO. In this instance you may decide to set yourself the following goals:
? To further develop your networking skills
? To improve your career confidence
? To manage your time more effectively

Need help? Check on the following link and scan down the page to some goal setting options to consider

Step 2. Shorten your list to the 3 most important goals
When setting goals it is important to focus on a few small goals at any one time. Why? Because setting and working towards too many goals at a time will stop you from being focused and decrease your success. Once you have achieved and completed the first 3 goals set the next 3 goals.

Be ruthless and click on the following link to answer our goals refining questions

Step 3. Commit your goals to paper
It is really important to reinforce your goals by committing them to paper and putting them up on a wall somewhere where you can see them every single day.
To follow our guide to committing your goals to paper click here

Week 4
So that you can make the most of your goals we will cover the following goal setting topics next week:
– Staying motivated!
– Overcoming obstacles
– Scheduling goals

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