Week 4: SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting: Overcoming obstacles

February 14, 2006

Week 4: SheSaid/CareersCoach Goal Setting: Overcoming obstacles

As we enter Week 4, many of you are feeling fantastic that your goals are on track and you can see real progress. But others may be feeling just a little de-motivated. Why? Because you have already come belly-to-belly with some hideous, insidious nasty obstacle, which you had not, anticipated.

Perhaps, for example, you have realised just this week that your goal of becoming a CEO is not going to be so easy to achieve since every person in the office seem to be vying for the job and would sell their grandmother just to get it. Or maybe you started the week surfboard waxed with some grand plans for achieving better work/life balance only to arrive at the office on Monday morning to find that your boss has set some goals of his/ her own. Goals that have resulted in you working late every night.

Overcoming Obstacles
Have you ever had to work really, really hard to get something so hard that it seemed almost impossible? If so, how amazing did it feel when you finally achieved it? And how did that feeling compare to when you have achieved things in life that were almost too easy to achieve. Probably not as good. That is why you want to face obstacles. Obstacles make the eventual achievement of your goals so much more satisfying. But if you stop as soon as you face your first obstacle then you are simply not serious and need to reassess your goals.
For tips on overcoming obstacles click here

Staying Motivated
Be motivated every single day and stay focused on achieving your goals. Do this by following our motivational tips. For tips on staying motivated click here

Scheduling Goals
Scheduling goals is a fantastic way to stay motivated and to ensure that you stay on track. By breaking each goal into workable tasks and scheduling a time to complete each task you will achieve your goals in no time at all.
For tips on scheduling your goals click herel

Goal Setting Feedback
We would love to hear you?re on our 4-week goal-setting program. Have you been happy with the program? What has worked for you? Is there anything that has not worked so well for you? Would you like us to prepare other online SheSaid/CareersCoach career coaching programs? Email Lisa

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