Weekend Wit: Jesus – Secret Advocate for Commerce

April 4, 2015
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I recently had to organise travel plans and noticed that getting around is going to cost a bit extra in honour of Jesus who died over 2000 years ago. Is it just me or does it sound a bit bizarre? I’ve thought for a long time from the bits I’ve heard about Jesus that he actually sounded like the very first hippy.

No, not the 1960s free love sort that you’re visualising but the type of hippy that roamed around not too fussed about a regular address. The ultimate couch surfer. Surrounded by people who just wanted to hang with him as he went around promoting love and peace and all that. That sort of hippy. Aren’t they sort of anti-commerce, anti-ownership types?

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So, have I missed something very important here? Or has commerce got the thought of Jesus very wrong and sort of screwing with his image a bit? I don’t know. Maybe it’s me and I just haven’t got the gist of what he was really about.

Perhaps as well as being the Christian Savior of Souls, Jesus was actually a secret advocate for commerce. Seriously. Think about it. People apparently flocked to him and I imagine it would have cost them a bit to be by his side. They did a fair amount of traveling. I can’t imagine he would have had to pay for much with all those followers supporting him. He wasn’t a carpenter all his life so someone was obviously sponsoring his cause. Hmm…. the first to be sponsored and the first hippy perhaps?

Millions of people Christian or not celebrate his birth and death every year. Perhaps Jesus would like it to costs us a fortune and boost our commerce sector in his honour? He apparently died over 2000 years ago and still he continues to influence our economy. Surely only the ultimate advocate for commerce could get that sort of recognition?

Anyway, let’s not speculate any further. I want to check out some evidence so I’ll start with the people who are working Easter weekend. After all they keep commerce running. Is it double or triple time you’re getting paid folks? If not, it bloody well should be. Your employers are going to make a killing this Easter long weekend in honour of Jesus.

The hardware shops for one are expecting a bonanza Easter long weekend. Fours full days to complete those DIY projects everyone. Come on, it won’t cost much to finish that decking and pergola. Jesus has once again provided time off to get it done, so get to it! The hardware shops will be thanking Jesus secret advocacy for commerce. Easter would surly be their busiest time of the year. Thank you Jesus… Ka-Ching!!!

Then of course there’s the chocolate manufacturers. The ultimate Easter commerce champions. Some have had their products on supermarket shelves since the week after Christmas.

After Easter, chocolate will be on special. Smart fundraising teams will be handing out their annual chocolate boxes to families to raise money. I ran a few of those, so yeah, guilty! They actually don’t expect you to sell a single chocolate but, over the weeks after Easter, they know your family will slowly consume what’s in front of them. While the taste of chocolate is on everyone’s lips they know your family won’t be able to resist. Nasty, hey?!

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