Weekend Wit: The Online Shopping Debacle

September 27, 2014

Life is full of those moments that make you cringe. Here’s a one of those “oh heck no” situations, which some of us have experienced along this magical journey we call life!

Online shopping is a marvellous invention, isn’t it? You can shop from the comfort of literally anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. I recently had an online shopping experience, I’d love to share with you.

It started when I got a re-gifted, store gift voucher, from the sister-in-law. Mmm, I thought, gotta remember that one, when her birthday comes around. So, I jump online in my pj’s, ready for a bit or R&R retail-style. I only have 3 months to use it, so may as well use it now.

I head to the ladies clothing section, select my size and start browsing. Low and behold, it’s a one day sale. Great, I think. I can get more for my money. The only thing is I’m totally naive; everyone else must be thinking the exact same thing. Being pretty new to online shopping, I take my time. It’s the weekend, there’s no rush.

Over the course of an hour, I check the cart and I’ve piled in 3 times as many items as I could actually afford. Hmmm, time to downsize. I notice that the items I initially selected display “out of stock”. Oh buggar! That was the stuff I really wanted. So, I try to get them in a different size or, better still, quickly steal the items from others. Certain that they too have piled in more items than they want to purchase and are going to steadily put them back. That’s exactly what happens, but that takes another hour. I remind you this was supposed to be a relaxing exercise. I felt like I was amidst the Boxing Day sales!

By the time I’m ready to check out it’s two hours later. I have everything I chose initially in the correct size. I’m a persistent women (for want of another word) and never give up! Three hours of pure relaxation – NOT! Of course, once I’m at the checkout, I don’t have an account, so I sign up. I’ve forgotten my store rewards card password and wait another 10 minutes for an email to arrive.

Ok, I’m reaching the finish line. My items should be here in a few days. I’ve filled out all the requirements and get right down to the bottom of the page. “Store gift cards are ineligible to be used for online purchases.” WTF! You’d think that would be one of the first things which should flash up on the screen, not something you read, right as you reach the very last step.

Totally piqued, I replace the re-gifted card back into my purse and shut down my laptop in disgust. No wonder my sister-in-law had taken so long to use it and finally passed it my way! The nearest store being a short two-hour drive away; I’m sure I’ll get there within the next 3 months. Just in time for the damn Christmas rush. Realising I’ve just wasted 3 hours of my precious life, I think to myself, “oh well, at least it’s given me some ideas for my next article!”

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