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Weekend Wit: The Wonderful World Of Selfies

Weekend Wit: The Wonderful World Of Selfies

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Love ’em or hate ’em, it looks like selfies are here to stay. Anyone with a mobile phone can happily snap their every move these days, whether that be out for drinks, at the gym, or on the toilet. Seriously, we’ve all seen our friends post pics that let us into their secret life at home alone. Never before has photography been so damn popular!

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Now, some of us think we’re pretty good at taking selfies. There are even competitions to enter into such as the Selfie Olympics – we kid you not. So, with all this going on it’s not so unusual there would be a few fails, right? Absolutley – and it really is amusing just where, when, how and why people are happily snapping away! Here are a few of favourite #selfiefails:

Tip 1: If you are going to go as far as to photoshop your selfie, check to see if you’ve got it right. Instead, this women has photoshoped her way into making herself look like a vain fool!


Tip 2: When taking a selfie don’t turn your back on oncoming traffic – particularly if that traffic is a train.


Tip 3: When running with the bulls in Pamplona, one should always capture the excitement! However, one must also be aware that there may be consequences.


Tip 4: When taking a selfie, present yourself in a way which an employer won’t reject you if you ever attend an interview. As they say: once on the internet, ALWAYS on the internet.


Tip 5: Just a heads up, other mourners probably won’t appreciate your smiley selfie in front of their dads/cousins/friends coffin at a funeral.


Tip 6: Food and shelter are still a big priority in third world countries. Donating phones to capture selfies won’t feed a family!


Tip 7: Sometimes a selfie just won’t capture the intended moment…


Tip 8: Sexy selfies totally lose their appeal with children present.


Tip 9: If a women is being attacked in public, it’s not an opportune moment to take a selfie with a big grin on your face.


Tip 10: Before going under the knife, always collect evidence on who’s preforming your operation.


Tip 11: If you still have a body which would make men half your age jealous and you’ve mastered technology, you should probably go for it.


Tip 12: If you are camera shy, you should probably stay away from the selfie craze.


Tip 13: If you have large man boobs you can actually use them to your advantage to take selfies. Who knew?


Tip 14: Firefighters should probably focus on fires, not selfies. Just a suggestion.


Tip 15: When taking a glamour selfie you should always check that you aren’t being photo bombed by large people in underwear.


Tip 16: If you get up to strange things in private, they should probably stay private. Speaking of private… What is that object on his penis?


Tip 17: Women with wet crutches shouldn’t sit on men’s shoulders – and men taking selfies shouldn’t look so damn happy about it!


Tip 18: When taking a selfie in front of a mirror always be aware of what your reflection looks like from behind.


Tip 19: Taking this sort of selfie can only end up as a fail. He’s either exceptionally well tucked in, or not hiding much behind that phone…


Tip 20: If you deep throat a banana while at work, it’s probably not the best idea to take a selfie of it. Your colleagues will most likely have cameras and you’ll end up on the internet for all the wrong reasons. Mum will be so proud.


Tip 21: Looking good beautiful, but it’s probably best to take selfies when you’re OFF the toilet.


Tip 22: If taking a selfie to look sexy, this probably isn’t the best way to achieve it. Props for getting nanna in on the action though.


Tip 23: If you must take selfies in the toilet, for God’s sake flush! #EW


Tip 24: One way to piss off your friends is to take a selfie while they on the toilet. Another way is to position the lens so it captures the pad placed neatly inside their underwear.


Tip 25: When taking a selfie capture the reaction of bystanders for additional entertainment.


Tip 26: Now, if there’s 2 dogs humping in the background of your selfie, at least crack a smile.


Tip 27: Some selfies are best taken only from behind to capture the impression you’re after.

funny selfies, selfie fails, selfies,

Tip 28: The final selfie tip for today is to ALWAYS be aware of the roles that shadows play in photography!

funny selfies, selfie fails, selfies,

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