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Weekend Wit: World’s Worst Jobs

Weekend Wit: World’s Worst Jobs

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I recently came across this funny on Facebook and it prompted me to take a look at the world’s worst jobs – The sort of jobs that you’d need to be paid copious amounts of money to even entertain the thought of doing. Now I’m amazed that some of these jobs even exist. For example, which sadist thought of paying a person to literally watch grass grow or paint dry… 8-12 hours a day? OMG, shoot me now!

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That actually doesn’t seem so bad when you consider there are some truly revolting jobs out there. Just think how much would you need to be paid to sniff the flatulence of strangers, especially the old nanas? Have you ever smelled an 80-year-old woman fart? It’s certainly something only a professional flatulence sniffer is trained to handle.

The there the people who swim through raw sewerage. Yuk. Seriously there isn’t enough money on the planet to want that gig. Then there’s people who collect animal semen via manual simulation. Image their resume which got them the job in the first place?

Job title: Professional Animal Ejaculation Collector

Career objective: I’m hoping to work for a progressive company where I can work closely with animals. I have a gentle approach and trust me when I say, your animals will be in good hands.

What about the crime scene cleaners? Are they really just psychopaths trying to hide in plain sight like Dexter? Surly your average cleaner couldn’t cope with that sort of mess, not to mention to the visual or the smell. How would they sleep at night?

Now stop and envisage the meetings where all these jobs would have all been originally proposed. What do you think initial reactions were? “Gee boss, 8 hours a day watching paint dry….what a marvelous idea!” said the brown noser in the corner. Perhaps some of the other staff made a mental note to Google inpatient mental health facilities when they got back to their desks. Clearly their boss has ever so slightly tipped over the edge and lost the plot.

Incredibly there are so many jobs which people do everyday which make the rest of us question….HOW? or perhaps more appropriately WHY? Why would a seemingly normal person decide to start cleaning crime scenes? Why would another be willingly to swim through raw sewerage? The mind really does boggle at what goes on amidst this floating circle we live on and call Earth.

So folks enjoy your weekend off and be thankful you do what you do. All things considered….it really could be a heck of a lot worse!


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