Welcome To Vegetaria (contd)

November 18, 2003


It?s pretty obvious that our natural instincts are non-carnivorous. Sure, many of us enjoy eating meat, but killing an animal for the purpose of eating it is not high on the list of favourite pastimes for most of us. Not only that, but unless we?re talking about a skilfully prepared beef carpaccio, you?d be pretty hard pressed to find a person who?s willing to scarf down a juicy, raw rump steak, oozing with yummy, sticky blood, or a fresh, uncooked chicken drumstick. Mmm-mmm, gotta love salmonella, adds flavour. Not!! We claim to love our meat, yet we adulterate it with as many ingredients as possible to flavour it. We boil it, bake it, fry it, barbecue it, and disguise it with sauces and spices so that it bears no resemblance to its raw state.I guess you?re thinking that I?m a vego myself, since I?m preaching from the vegetarian soapbox. Well, surprise surprise, I?m not at all. I love wrapping my chops around a forkful of cooked cow or pig or sheep, and the more ?well done? the better. I?m a regular at Lone Star Steakhouse and I ain?t the gal ordering the Caesar salad with the side of mashed potato. I?m Nigella Lawson?s evil fat-loving twin. I’m the ring-in for the half of the Two Fat Ladies who didn’t survive her own cooking. I?m Dr Atkins? prot?g?. And I?m practically the poster girl for the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation. But I will admit, in a fit of righteousness, that a bowl of lentils, a mean green salad and a crunchy apple, will definitely suit me now and then. I just don?t make a habit of it.

By Gina Luca

* Gina is a freelance writer whose passion for talking to people on the Internet provides much inspiration for her writing.

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