What Are ‘Tittoos’ And Why Are Women Getting Them?

April 19, 2013

The latest cosmetic surgery trend? Women in search of perfect nipples are choosing to have ‘tittoos’ done – that’s right, nipple tattoos.

Women in the UK and USA have been choosing to have their nipples tattooed to add colour and definition.

The procedure was originally invented for breast cancer patients following reconstructive surgery to make reconstructed breasts look more realistic. But now the procedure has gone mainstream and attracting women who aren’t happy with the appearance of their breasts.

The semi-permanent tattoo lasts 12 to 18 months, takes on average two hours and costs around $1,800 for both nipples.

And be warned, tittoos, known as areola restoration, can be extremely painful because the areola is super sensitive. Patients are given local anaesthetic to numb the pain.

The nipple colour is blended from medical grade micropigments to compliment the woman’s existing skin colouring.

One woman who had tittoos described it as the finishing touch after getting breast implants.

What do you think about tittoos? Is it any different from cosmetic surgery or is the search for female perfection going too far?

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